Sometimes you grab a street shot of people and you get spotted yourself. This couple in Paris is just that scene. I was spotted, I saw this couple off in the distance walking toward me and using the Zach Arius technique of looking like I was shooting something else in the background and moving the camera to the subject. After realising I was spotted I just smile at them making contact and raise my camera to my eye again to take the background shot again. This gives the impression the shot I wanted inadvertently had them in the shot. They smiled and I assume just thought they were moving out of shot and not taking a shot of them.


Fuji X-E1 model and makeup shoot – Part 1

Yep now and again I have the opportunity to help out with promotions for others by providing some of my time to shoot some interesting people and situations. This weekend is one of them. My daughter Charlotte and her best friend Rosie both of whom are in this series of images. Rosie needed some help putting together a portfolio for her makeup artist skills, this is a two part post. This first part is Fashion. Part two is theatre and will be completed later in the week. Rosie is really quite talented as an MUA and I can’t wait to work on more of her work, and help to put together a great portfolio.

Check out how we got on

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Tilt screens on all Fuji X series. …… If you like

Every now and again a piece of tech pops up and offers a solution for a way of working that is sometimes a problem. I’m quite used to popping my camera in unusual positions or angle to get a shot, either up high or low level. Most of the time I can stretch or get down to a position that is comfortable. However this is not always the case or even possible. So up pops Eye-Fi that can be used amongst other obvious studio environment benefits to solve a problem. This can be great for difficult camera positions or situations where you need to review shots but maintain fully the camera position at all times. For example long exposures. So what it all about

Have a read about how this works.

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