But…The Fuji X100 can do what the Fuji X-E1 can’t.

Having knocked the Fuji X100 in the recent comparison resulting in what camera I would take to the city for street shooting the X100 fell into second place. Feeling sorry for it I decided to do something about it. So initially you might start to think well ‘why do I need this camera’. So I set myself another little challenge that would show and demonstrate its continued value in my kit. So here is the challenge.

Set up a drinks bottle shoot into the sun and sync a flash at higher sync speed than any other high end camera I could afford. Oh and all under 30mins start to finished post processed shot. This is the chosen finished shot. Ok not perfect but you get the idea its the leaf shutter and its so cool.

Ok so it’s not a brilliant shot, it could have done with a second speed light to fill in some of the shadows and extra water and a defects clean up, but hey not bad for the time I set myself. So what’s so special that makes me keep the Fuji X100.

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