Learning Pro headshots with Fujifilm X-E1

I have not been blogging for quite some time, there had been a number new things going on at the moment. One of which is my desire to shoot really good quality headshots. So how do I set about learning. A good place to start is to learn from others. One of the very best in the headshot business is Peter Hurley. A flamboyant character from New York who was once a successful male model that moved from the front of the lens to behind the camera. He has been extremely successful change for him. So how do you start the learning journey and what compromises do you have to make as a beginner.

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Fuji X-E1 model and makeup shoot part 2 – Zombies

Following on from the model and make up shoot last weekend. This set of images really shows the talent of Rosie’s artistic side. This set is a little scary and quite HDR to believe they are the same girls. Oh and to start meet Ryan my daughters boyfriend. This incredible skull was painted on his face in just over an hour. Rosie informs me this is only the second time she has tried it. Most impressive. Here is a link to Rosie’s new WordPress blog. Rosie

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Fuji X-E1vs X100 vs strobe stuff

Ok another geeky test. Note. I have more to post on a weekend away in the glorious English countryside but I want to get this out of the way first.
This is just some messing about with both the Fuji X100 and the Fuji XE1 and looking at strobe lighting with both cameras. My set up is, soft brolly, CTR 301 wireless triggers a light stand, Nikon Sb26, I am not going to go into all the deep lighting stuff like flash sync times, shutters, trigger speeds flash duration, GN numbers because frankly I’m not into maths. I just think about what is going on and to me then it falls into place. Basically open a shutter with a Lens with a hole let in some light onto something that is light sensitive (sensor). So varying those parameters give you different results but all it takes is to look at the image and decide its too light or too dark, do I like the light I have created or not. Then make some adjustments to one some or all of those parameters and repeat. With some experience you can get what you want in 5-10 frames and 20min. This first image is with the Fuji X100. Note the setting ISO400,f/2,1/640,23mm

So now lets look at the XE1 shot

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