That time of year……new

I have not posted in a very very long time. The reasons are many but two reasons stand out. Firstly I was made redundant from the day job, yikes! so I needed to focus on finding new employment with the day job skills I have to offer. Thankfully I am now back in work and it’s going well. Learning curve is steep again as you would expect when starting a new job but all is good. Secondly we have not been able to get away in the camper so my desire to pick up the camera has been low.

Putting all this behind and starting to think about my photography again I begin to realise I am coming to the end of my 1camera1lens project with my Fujifilm XE1 and 35mm lens. So what did this journey teach me. Continue reading That time of year……new

Seats and stilettos

Another of my favourites from Paris with people. This shot struck me at the time as an interesting shot. We were sitting and relaxing at the fountain too and I noticed the relationship of the stilettos the ladies were wearing and the legs of the seats. The points and the curves and the form of each blending together. The other strange thought at the time was the reluctance for the shoes to be taken off. It was a hot day, they were sitting near the cool water from the fountain you would think it soothing too have slipped off those tight shoes. Such is the need to look good eh. The power of fashion and beautiful girls. Thanks for both.

This to me is the the best thing about street photography. Living it.

London X back….. What is the view.

Second of my favourite street photographs with people, this shot was taken at Spittles market Central London. I like this shot as it asks what are these two looking at. One of the ladies is taking a photo, I like the contrast of the X across the back of the dress. The pose difference is interesting two. BTW I should mention these images were taken over the last 2 years and do not fit the rules of my current project, however I am keen to review older images to learn what makes a good or interesting street photograph. I’m trying to isolate the shots that tell a story or provoke thoughts. These images or in no particular order of preference. All street images I am taking at the moment and this year are staying faithful to my 1camera1lens, however I don’t always choose to publish what I shoot at the time, its interesting to me at the moment to look back over old work with a wiser eyes and mind.