Learning Pro headshots with Fujifilm X-E1

I have not been blogging for quite some time, there had been a number new things going on at the moment. One of which is my desire to shoot really good quality headshots. So how do I set about learning. A good place to start is to learn from others. One of the very best in the headshot business is Peter Hurley. A flamboyant character from New York who was once a successful male model that moved from the front of the lens to behind the camera. He has been extremely successful change for him. So how do you start the learning journey and what compromises do you have to make as a beginner.

This is a shot of model Izzie. Post processed to look old school art style. How did I get here Continue reading Learning Pro headshots with Fujifilm X-E1

Back to London street photography with my Fujifilm XE1

We headed back to London last weekend. We tried last year to walk over the O2 dome but it was cancelled. Take two this weekend.

I need to get the bad parts out of the way sadly and extremely disappointingly I was not able to take my Fujifilm XE1 up and over with me …..arrhhhhh. So I had to take my pointless iPhone 4. Waste of time. This shots were terrible. I will not be posting any. So a apart from having a really great time climbing over the O2 what else made the weekend enjoyable. Continue reading Back to London street photography with my Fujifilm XE1

Motor-roaming Oundle

Out again last weekend having found a fabulous circular work around the stunning town of Oundle. Oundle is a market town in Northamptonshire. Its actually been inhabited since the Iron Age, it has been a trading place for tradesmen and farmer. A quite extraordinary piece of trivia, records from the doomsday book in 1066 shows Oundle to have 36 households and a mill with a total value of ยฃ0.30p. amazing eh.


So lets open the door (sorry) and take a little look aroundย  Continue reading Motor-roaming Oundle