Fuji X-E1 model and makeup shoot – Part 1

Yep now and again I have the opportunity to help out with promotions for others by providing some of my time to shoot some interesting people and situations. This weekend is one of them. My daughter Charlotte and her best friend Rosie both of whom are in this series of images. Rosie needed some help putting together a portfolio for her makeup artist skills, this is a two part post. This first part is Fashion. Part two is theatre and will be completed later in the week. Rosie is really quite talented as an MUA and I can’t wait to work on more of her work, and help to put together a great portfolio.

Check out how we got on

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Done deals….. Have I done the right thing Fuji X-E1

Ok, I have now made the decision change to Fujifilm compact camera system from my Nikon DSLR gear….its gone …. sold on Ebay …. time to order the Fuji XE1….

So what have I done? Have I done the right thing. I have been with Nikon system for 5 years and I have been very happy. Well that is until I bought the Fuji X100 and fell in love with an image quality and visceral user experience that is truly stunning once you have worked out and dealt with all its little issues. So Why! Read on

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Fuji X100 magic flares ….how to create them

One of the special things about the Fuji X100 that I have learnt and still learning while using the camera is the way the photographer can “play” with the light and the resulting image. I will try and explain how I use the camera to control the light in a little more detail. It’s only possible to be able to control the camera this way using the EVF, it is not possible with the live view or the OVF. Take a look at the lens flare in this image.


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