Cold guard

I am actually away in a stunning villa in Cyprus over looking the fishing village of Latchi. I am going to refrain from posting images of where we are now so I can choose the best shots of the holiday to publish later and avoid Facebook mode style of positing until I return in a couple of weeks. Continuing with my street images that contain people. I think her expression says it all in the shot outside a government building in Stockholme. And yep it was extremely cold.


A balanced view….

Back to the set of my favourite street shots with people. This one was taken on New Years Day. Following the crowd I lost sight of the procession in the London parade. Shooting this girl as she finds an innovative and balanced solution to getting the shot she wanted, it certainly turned my attention and I managed to take the shot before she leapt down, I love that it shows the older Gent not taking any notice, it’s asks question like were they related? What is he reading?, is it something found near the bin or a pocket map perhaps. It asked many intriguing questions and not least the obvious of what did the girl’s shot turn out like.

Images like these make the hard work and constant observation of your surroundings worth it …. Assuming you have the camera to hand that is.

Hunting Contrast going old school Fuji XE-1Camera1Lens

I set off this last weekend with a very specific objective in mind for my photography. We were spending the weekend in a Windsor home of the worlds largest inhabited Castle. Mrs P and I had visited last year but unfortunately had to cut the weekend short as Mrs P was taken I’ll. all that is passed us now and we visited again. This time I have a plan to for my photography needs, I was hunting contrast big time. I wanted to create some really old school street photography shots, from my research these typically had very high contrast scenes or composition. I particularly like this style and it tends to work best with black and white. My Fuji and 35mm in hand I set about the task. But all was not well …..

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