Fuji X-E1 firmware update…. Review

Downloaded the new long awaited update that improves focus speed, ads focus peaking and magnified EVF.
I am quite familiar with the method required to download install and update firmware for Fujifilm camera’s and Fujinon Lens. There is a detail instruction how to update the system so I don’t need to repeat.

So what are my findings
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In the zone with Fuji X-E1

Trying something new today, setting up the Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm using Zone Focus. What this means is that the camera is set to have a field of focus that is deep. This allows you to shoot without having to focus. The way the camera is set is to typically shoot with narrow aperture f/8 to f22 and depending on the focal length you choose to shot at you will be able to select a rage of depth of field that will be in focus. I chose to shoot with a very long field of view and field of focus. Therefore I set the camera at 18mm and f16, letting the ISO and shutter speed do its thing in auto. Lucky for me today was a good bright sunny day, if this had been a dim day I would have had to open the aperture and loose some depth of focus.

I have to say I never shoot like this. I normally set all manual or aperture priority and full as with spot AE. So this is a little different. I also chose to shoot black and white as I am still trying to take better BW images as I don’t feel I do a very good job when it comes to black and white street shots. So how did it go…. Continue reading In the zone with Fuji X-E1

Best Bokeh ….. is it the Fuji X100

I’m going to get a little geeky for a while and talk about some of the things that might me drawing my attention to Fuji and there range of camera’s and why some images I take I like more than others in specific areas, this first little Geek out is “Bokeh” .

Personally believe my Fuji X100 provides some of the best out of focus light refracted artefacts you can get for the money.

View in large format to see the detail and uniformity of the Bokeh. Fuji X100 does a great job, clean, round and uniform
Testing Fuji X100 Bokeh style

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