Logo creations and stuff for my blog

I have decided to make a logo for my bog and website, all part of a new phase of my photography. I have started this year with a more positive outlook on my photography and all aspect associated with it. Hence the logo. 1cam1lens LogoI have decided to stay with the one camera one lens and maybe extending it to add 1light. I want to focus on portrait work this year particularly head shots. I want to work indoor and on location and include just one light, that may be ring, continuous, off camera flash, strobe or even long exposure. I will have to wait and see what is creative juice at the time. I have created two new headers for my blog, I am learning on the fly how to custom design my blog using the WordPress tools. The logo headers should appear random on loading.


Above is the first version that will be deployed and below is the second, each hopefully given a different look and feel the the blog when active. Below is the second header.


I created both by selecting images I have taken using Fuji XE1 and 35mm lens with two types of home made ring light. (made from an old inspection lamp) its fluorescent light so not quite good daylight colour balance but the Fuji is rather good at sorting out these issues and its well work the trouble as this ring light leave a fantastic catch light in the eyes. Next I would have normally opened up the image in Photoshop, however since the introduction of Adobe PhotoShop is now on a subscription based licence I have abandoned it. (like many others that are poor!)

I am not willing to pay a monthly fee to use software. There are a number for FREE options available to perform virtually all of the same functions as PS with out the massive learning curve and costs. I am not a designer or publisher or have reason to be constantly retouching images so I don’t really need it anyway, Im no expert this for sure. Programs such as “Gimp” is a great alternative and I have been using this for a while. However recently I have come across a new program not the App store. “Pixelmator” is a program that runs on Mac and cost around £20. I’m learning as I go and so far its looking good. You can check out a demo here. Its now available for iPad too, however I prefer the larger screen to work born this type of thing.

I created several text layers and a few filter lays to create the logo, converting some of the text into objects so that I could manipulate them to suit my needs. Once I was happy with the design, group the layers and position them in the image until I was happy, its then just a case of exporting back to jpeg and up loading to WordPress, a little effort was needed to crop the images to suit using the WordPress editor then…. hey presto logo headers have arrived…. I hope you like them.

150,000 visitations to my blog … extraordinary, Thank you

I’m amazed that I have now surpassed 150,000 visits to my blog. Its amazing and I can’t believe so many kind people have taken the time to visit, read and comment. I hope in some way my blogging has helped some of you that are interested in Fuji X series camera, strobist shooting and photography in general. A massive THANK YOU from me. It’s been a long road when I look back at all my blogs but wow it’s been a great time, really more so now than ever. I will been continuing to blog and try to do more often if I can continue creating the content and find the time to write it up….I just need to travel and shoot more and more. 150,000 thank you’s


Attempted Macro shots with my Fujifilm X-E1

I spent a little time today wondering how the Fuji-film X-E1 performs in macro mode and compared to the X100. It did not take me long to discover the Fuji X-E1 with either the 35mm f/1.4 or the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 its performance is rubbish. At first this was a surprise but its all about the focus distance, and the focus distance is so long on both of my lenses the macro mode makes virtually no difference. My Fuji-film X100 has at least 1/2 the distance and macro mode works very well but is a little soft wide open. However after thinking about this I guess it why Fujifilm made the 60mm macro lens. Hey Ho. However my time was not wasted …. I was blown away by this shot from the Fuji-film X-E1/35mmf/1.4 combination in normal manual mode. This image is straight from the camera into ipad for this blog. Yummy eh …. Might do some more soon.DSCF9440 - Version 3 - Version 2DSCF9475 DSCF9492 DSCF9501 DSCF9502 DSCF9504