That time of year……new

I have not posted in a very very long time. The reasons are many but two reasons stand out. Firstly I was made redundant from the day job, yikes! so I needed to focus on finding new employment with the day job skills I have to offer. Thankfully I am now back in work and it’s going well. Learning curve is steep again as you would expect when starting a new job but all is good. Secondly we have not been able to get away in the camper so my desire to pick up the camera has been low.

Putting all this behind and starting to think about my photography again I begin to realise I am coming to the end of my 1camera1lens project with my Fujifilm XE1 and 35mm lens. So what did this journey teach me. Continue reading That time of year……new

Fuji X-E-Type.. Black and White Jaguar…Purrrrr.

Being lucky enough to own a VW Camper Van I have the huge pleasure of travelling in and around the UK on the weekends. This fits with my photography really well providing be with a rich and ever changing environment. I often choose places to visit based on interesting cities, towns and landscapes that I would like to photograph. Having a full time job in engineering getting to the weekend and spending it in another city is just fantastic. This weekend Mrs P (Michelle) and Bunnie the puppy Maltese and myself headed for the historic city of Stamford on the great north road between London and York. This is a town that has unusual features, not only does it have beautiful grand old and historic buildings, cobbled streets, and masses of history, its most striking feature on the landscape is 3 church spires. More of the streets and the photos in later in another blog because this item deserved a post of its own. I choose to shoot black and white, and found one of these beauties in the car park. The drop dead gorgeous Jaguar E-Type 4.2. Yep. Fully restored and simply stunning.

So when you find something like this the only decent thing to do when you travel with a brilliant Fuji X-Series camera and 35mm lens it shoot it. Continue reading Fuji X-E-Type.. Black and White Jaguar…Purrrrr.

My Fuji’s and HDR

First I should start with experimenting HDR for the first time. I can’t say I have ever been a big fan of HDR images. I’m not sure why but I am not a colour geek. I prefer muted colours and tones and therefore not really taken much notice of the technique. In know it has a massive following. There are books,guides software and tutorials all over the w’s. So me being me I felt it was time for me to experiment. Having upgraded to Aperture 3 on my new iMac if gave me a chance to try out some new plugins. The following images used Nik software to create the HDRs.

It’s not so easy getting it to my taste but Continue reading My Fuji’s and HDR