Photographic images in some ways are like people.

They have a character, personality and value. They need to be understood, they long to be loved, and in this increasingly crowded world, they will need to do something dramatic to be noticed.

That’s where you come in…. Most of my work is conducted on location and is taken “free style”. I prefer to work this way with you, I work with you throughout the shoot, mostly reviewing the shots, discussing them with you to see what you prefer, the image at the time of the event will stand out from the crowd and the best part is you have been invoved in the process in finding that image.

From personal portraiture, fashion and glamour through business and commercial personal genres. I love to produce images that evoke an emotional response from either you during the creative process or the special people you share that image with be it on a personal level or via mass media…. its the image that stands out and YOU took part in creating it.

If you have something special and creative you wish to produced or take part in then please make contact.

Above all the wordy bits…. I just love taking pictures … If you would like to create something you love, you made stand out from the crowd please make contact I would love to work with you.

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