That time of year……new

I have not posted in a very very long time. The reasons are many but two reasons stand out. Firstly I was made redundant from the day job, yikes! so I needed to focus on finding new employment with the day job skills I have to offer. Thankfully I am now back in work and it’s going well. Learning curve is steep again as you would expect when starting a new job but all is good. Secondly we have not been able to get away in the camper so my desire to pick up the camera has been low.

Putting all this behind and starting to think about my photography again I begin to realise I am coming to the end of my 1camera1lens project with my Fujifilm XE1 and 35mm lens. So what did this journey teach me.
Much in my own photography. Sticking to 1camera1lens has been a real exercise in helping me to discover what I want out of my work. I think much much more about what I am shooting and more so why am I taking a picture. Why I Take a photograph is becoming consuming. I choose now to ask myself if I am going to take this shot what will I use it for, how can I make it the best image possible. I therefore find myself shooting less. This at first seems like a bad thing… but it is it. I’m prone to taking shots recently then I ask myself why did it take that image, and I can’t answer and think what a pointless shot. So this year long project has taught me to to really consider what I am shooting and why I am taking that image. I’m not sure where all this deep thinking will lead but I can say I am glad I think this way.
So what about the equipment. The Fujifilm XE1 and 35mm lens has been a delight to use. There have been many occasions I wished for wider view particularly for landscape but I don’t believe it’s resulted in poor images just different. I have become very familiar with the controls….most are second nature. This is good and bad. The good is I can get a shot and setup very quickly including manual focus. The bad is frustration when I pick up my X100 and find the buttons have changed position, this is an irritation of the highest order. I hope some point Fujifilm decides to leave the layouts and buttons alone and standardise over the x series range of cameras. All in this has been a very interesting journey one I am glad I have taken. Had it been ground breaking … No….. Has it improved my images …. I don’t think so …. Has it made me think much harder about what I am doing when taking photographs…..yes most definitely. So what’s next …. Well to tel the truth I’m not sure …. My feeling at the moment is that having been restrictive to myself and tying my hands and creativity down a little I now want to explore a whole bunch of things with no limits to how I create an image. I want to take more portraits (not sure why ….it’s just I realise I like taking them) mainly in a studio type environment where I am in control. I want to return to experimenting with light and lighting techniques and equipment. I’m less bothered about the camera and lens I am using and more interested in the quality and direction of light particularly when shooting portraits. 2015 is going to be a whole mix of work, I will write more technically too about the images I produce and how I get the results. I think I will post less both frequency and number of images but I hope the quality of information and images that I do post makes my blog a richer environment for me to record my progress and findings and hopefully maybe teach others what I might learn on the way.
Thank you ….to all of you that commented and followed my blog over my one camera one lens journey. It’s been really inspiring …It now time for a change…..where this goes….. Who knows its not clear in my mind yet but it will be different. I have cleaned up my website to reflect what I feel is good.
The images are from some recent work where I have modified some old desk lamp to create this spotted highlight in Izzie’s eyes. A beauty ring of sorts, works like a ring light and beauty dish. Hope you like them.


3 thoughts on “That time of year……new

  1. Hi Simon, great news on the job front, it can be frustrating how redundancy puts so much of life on hold.I completely understand your ponderings on why you are taking photographs, I seem to give this a lot of thought too. I have enjoyed the last year of your blog and look forward to the new offerings in the coming year.

    take care Adrian.

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