2 thoughts on “X100T|FUJIFILM

  1. Hard to resist the lure of new shiny toys mate!โ€ฆ I just sold my X-P1 and lenses, and downsized to the X-20, which is superb by the way. I still have the trusty old X-100, I can’t bear to part with that one!
    Good luck!

    1. Ha your not wrong Bob. I am determined to see my 1camera1lens year long journey through to the end. I still have my X100 too, there is something very special about that first version of the X series. I need to keep my XE1 and lenses for my occasional professional work, but I am even starting to think I can do it all with the X100T and the 28mm and 50mm screw on lenses. Next year will be a decision year in my photography journey. Cheers mate have fun with the X20 dude.

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