Manningtree with my Fuji

Back out on the road this weekend, we managed to squeeze in a good few miles, Manningtree is a small town on east coast where the river Stour meets the sea. Manningtree is famous for being the home and burial place of the infamous Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins. Yep he was witch hunter and was responsible the death of more than 300 women. Some took place in the little green in the centre of Manningtree, as late as 1945.
The weather was misty, however I think this added to the final images taken this weekend.


I have a mix of post processing. The colour images are processed using colourfx pro and Kodak 64 film simulation. The black and whites using full range black and white process in silverfx pro.
The misty condition made for a strange calm over the landscape both when the tide rose and fell.




I’m struggling with my post processing at the moment I can’t seem to find anything I am really happy with. I’m not sure if this is something to do with the project and restrictive nature of the 1camera1lens project. I am starting to feel that I was, in general happier with the results straight from the camera with my Fujifilm X100. I feel the X100 seems to provide more pleasing results that sort of have more “sole” that I struggle to find when viewing images straight from the XE1 and the 35mm. Don’t get me wrong I love shooting with this combination but I am starting to ‘miss’ the X100 look, width and feel the X100 can achieve sometimes. Gosh that was all a little deep, perhaps I’m just having and off weekend. It was marred also by my failed attempt yet again to produce long exposure shots. This time let down by debris on the sensor. Arrrh this shows up really badly with long exposure shots at f/16. I have now ordered a sensor cleaning kit and will a attempt to clean on the weekend. Fingers crossed.
Other than that this I found some lovely views, sights and items of interest to shoot this weekend.



Some transport.



Old boats.



The camper and the camera combo heads north to the Lake District in a couple of weeks so I hope to try yet again some long exposure shots worthy of publication on my blog. Really looking forward to a week long blast shooting landscapes.

4 thoughts on “Manningtree with my Fuji

  1. Simon, are you sure that women were put to death in England in 1945 for witchcraft?

    If so I would be interested to know where you got the info from so I could read up on it.

    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Ian, I may be misleading, the last death of an accused witch in England she died in 1730 while imprisoned. However English law was still present up until 1951 prohibiting the practice of fraudulent mediums or witchcraft I believe punishable with imprisonment. Accusations witchcraft were last recorded in 1945.

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