Photography of Marathon watches. Fuji

I have been after one of these Marathon watches for some time now and by chance a sterile version turned up on EBay. Having done my research I have a good idea of my maximum bid. Needles to say I am now the owner of a very fine, extremely well built and trusted timepiece. I have taken a few photographs and post processed them in black and white HDR.


The marathon watch company have been making time pieces in Switzerland since 1939. They now provide quality watches to government and military to an ISO 6425 specification. This is a dive search and rescue version made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Full size screw down crown. Water resistant to 300m/1000ft (not that I would ever need to swim that deep) 2.3mm thick sapphire crystal glass, 120 position bezel and tritium tube luminous hour and hand marking for superb night time display.


This is a tool watch for me, I wear this watch everyday and intend to keep doing so. I’m hard on watches, I have already clonked this one rather badly by accident few times and its stood up very well, it going to need to be tough. This is my first and probably only automatic time piece. It’s powered by the tried and tested Swiss ETA2428-A2 movement so I will never need a battery. The movement is found a huge numbers of other watch manufacturers and some famous high end ones too.
I may change the strap as I am not sure about the black silicone one as being tough enough yet, however it is growing on me.


So far I am extremely pleased with my purchase however the luminous triangular marker fell out and disappeared after whacking it against a metal door frame as I passed through, again I was in a rush and it was another incident that made me cringe but was a little disappointed to see the marker was gone. Having now sold my Traser (great watch too) for more than I paid making this Marathon purchase is even more pleasing to the wallet. I have not replaced the marker with another luminous part I have just filling in the footprint with a suitable white paint as I am sure I will clonk this thing again before long so next time nothing can fall out. These watches are made with a single unique serial number for traceability and can confirm this is the real deal from Marathon themselves, adding to the more pleasing side to this purchase. If you want to know more about Marathon watches please take a look at the links I have provided below.

10 thoughts on “Photography of Marathon watches. Fuji

  1. Nice acquisition Simon! I love automatic watches too! I collect Orients, Seiko 5’s and Hamiltons!:)

    Great B&W/HDR shot of your Marathon. I’m pretty certain you also visit

    Congrats on the new timepiece! Wear it in Good Healh!


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