HDR with Fujifilm XE1

I have not produced any suede HDR images for a while. I’m not a huge fan of HDR in colour and I don’t think I am particularly good at producing them, but since starting in photography and in particular since changing from Nikon to Fuji-film and been re invigorated with my Photography I have experimented more with this particular genre. I do however find it rather hard to get a good balance of the depth of contrast vs saturation vs realism, it’s not easy to get right. I very rarely take exposure bracket shots either so it adds to the challenge. I have used Nik HDR-Pro to generate these images I highly recommend this software simple to use even with its extensive library of presets and tuning. Let’s start with some London images from a few weekends ago.


Quite a few of these I published in my last post so you have a direct comparison. here are the others.



I’m not sure if you can call these images HDR really, I guess it’s more like my own version of HDR type post processing.



I still can’t decide if I actually like these colour versions. I much preference applying this HDR process to black and white that to colour images. Mainly I think because my a Fujifilm XE1 does a fabulous job on its own when it comes to the colour images I shoot. For now I guess just keep trying a few things and take stock of the results. Why dot you give it a go and see how you get on.





10 thoughts on “HDR with Fujifilm XE1

      1. Simon, I am on your side. That technique too special to use it all the time.
        Anyway, I like your experience with Fuji and thinking about buying one.
        Looking forward to see your new projects.

      2. Yeah no problem Alex. Ha don’t buy Fuji-film X series just yet. Third generation X100 due mid September, I believe dubbed Fuji-film X100T. If it’s anything like my x100 but with XT1 EVF I might be tempted to set a challenge of “one camera one lens” for a second year but at 35mm and change from the 50mm. Mmm sounds fun ……but expensive. Lmao.

        Interested in photography…visit my site http://500px.com/simonpeckham And my blog http://simonpeckham.com


  1. Great shots Simon, I love the colour treatment. I think the slightly surreal aspects adds to the interest.
    I’m really enjoying your posts about your experience with Fuji, I’m a big Fuji fan, currently using the X-M1. Keep up the great work.

  2. I really like the first shot Simon! It would be nice to see that same shot but on the other side of the fence. The one critique would be that the clouds look way over processed. You can see the halos around them. Maybe make another HDR and only look at the clouds and mask them into the foreground. Does HDR Efex have the control point functionality? That might be an easy way to tone them down.

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