Back to London street photography with my Fujifilm XE1

We headed back to London last weekend. We tried last year to walk over the O2 dome but it was cancelled. Take two this weekend.

I need to get the bad parts out of the way sadly and extremely disappointingly I was not able to take my Fujifilm XE1 up and over with me …..arrhhhhh. So I had to take my pointless iPhone 4. Waste of time. This shots were terrible. I will not be posting any. So a apart from having a really great time climbing over the O2 what else made the weekend enjoyable.

This is a shot of the journey we took over the great white tent. I have to say its a great event a little cold and wet as it rained yet again but not enough to cancel this time. The views are super and well worth taking the time to visit.

We took time out and took in some of the sites in London. Latest face it I would not be short of a few things to shoot.
This weekend we were also treated to the annual cycling event held on the close streets therefore larger than normal crowds got added to the menu.




We found a wonderful view point over St Paul’s surrounding area. It’s a little gem of a spot. It’s a cocktail bar called Madison. We stopped for an espresso and taking time to take in the view. This time I was allowed to take my photography with my Fujifilm XE1 no problems this time .yeah!!.






The views made up for the no camera event of the O2. The rest of the day and weekend was taken up with the usual London sights and us wondering around soaking up the busy madness and variety that is typically London. A brilliant place ….. To visit from time to time.




I chose to stay in colour this weekend, the weather was kind to us for the most part. Post was my usual, increased a little contrast, vignette and a touch of sharpening.




I love my photography with this Fujifilm XE1 and 35mm f/1.4 combination. I’m really starting get my eye in.

4 thoughts on “Back to London street photography with my Fujifilm XE1

  1. I’m actually a big fan of your work (and blog). Being a Fuji user (X100s to be exact). Your images inspires me to pursue and really practice Street Photography. Great post and I look forward to learn more from your amazing work. Cheers!

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