Fujifilm X-E1 Photography ..Unlocking the locks.

I have been side tracked from my one camera one lens photography journey with holidays and some professional photography work with the Fujifilm X-E1 but I am now back on track.
We spent last weekend re visiting a place called Foxton Locks nr Market Harborough. We first visited last year but were disappointed to find the stunning sequence of 10 locks had been drained for maintenance. Bummer, so returning this time in the height of summer was real treat with some surprises and a very pleasurable weekend. Foxton locks is a relatively famous set of 10 locks split briefly into two sets of 5 with a passing pond. I took the usual kit my Fujifilm X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 lens and two batteries. The only other items I have in my bag these days is my Pixi tripod and a 10stop filter.

I have chosen to post process in black and white. I don’t really have a preference, colour over black and white or vice versa, for me some this images seem to choose.

Seeing the locks from either end of the set of ten is really quite impressive. It’s a busy place too so I was up early to catch the scene without the crowds. Popular over the two days we stayed in the lower carpark both days the overflow was full. Traffic on the canals is fairly brisk too so there is plenty to keep the views interesting.




The other attraction at Foxton locks is wthe remains of the old boat lift. This must have been a very impressive feat of engineering when it was running. Boats were lifted up the same hill with a system that was constructed to the side of the locks in 1898. Two huge tanks the could hold two narrow boast each traversed up and down the incline using a counter balance system and a stream engine. Not much remains adept the rail track furrows as the steel was re used when the canal industry collapsed when we started to use roads to transport goods when the Diesel engine took hold.
The small museum has a working model and some interesting exhibits to show its true splendour when it was in use. It would be extraordinary to have it restored and add a section for the public to ride to help fun it’s running costs. Perhaps someone should look at crowd funding it.





We took a walk along the banks and into the tiny village of Foxton itself, quiet an sleepy away from the tourist trap of the canal.
On the return a couple of hang gliders gave us a low fly by. mad I managed to capture a shot but need to crop quite a bit due to the 35mm. As usual the Xe1 performed perfectly. I seem to be doing quite a bit more manual focusing and I like it. When I get to the end of this journey I think I will have worked out and definitely proven to my self what I would keep in my camera bag as the ideal setup. I’m looking forward to Christmas.




All together with the weather being kind, great views and subject matter to shoot along with some cool and interesting history and not to mention great food, wine and of course my camper what more could I ask for. Love it.
One life… live it. Hope you enjoyed the images. Check out that barge lift too on Wikipedia. The last few images







I am looking forward to the next motor-roaming weekend. Sadly not for a few weeks. Can’t come soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-E1 Photography ..Unlocking the locks.

  1. Hi Simon! Another great post here, Sir. May I ask what software do you typically use for post processing, I really love the balance of brightness & contrast on your B&W images. Even the clouds are detailed. (a part I’m struggling on) What’s your ISO, Aperture & Shutter set up when you shoot outdoors?

    1. Hi. I’m predominantly using Apple’ Aperture no point you getting that and more as Apple has decided not to support it any more …. Wow I pick em, I use SilverFX pro plug in too so that I can get the clouds to pop. Your can just add colour filters while shooting too if you want to go old school. As for the a Fujifilm XE1 settings I tend to shoot with as high aperture as the daylight will allow at 1/500th, with both my Fuji’s I am happy to let the ISO run in auto up to 32000 I get great depth of field for my land scape shoots. I like the grain too at high ISO especially on the black and whites. If daylight is over cast I don’t tend to shoot with deep depth of forld as I do with my landscape due to the dull grey sky’s being rather boring, so I will typically start to shoot narrow and closer and shallower depth of field will do the trick. F2-4 is typical for my needs. Hope this helps. Regards.

      Interested in photography…visit my site http://500px.com/simonpeckham And my blog http://simonpeckham.com


      1. Thank you so much Simon! I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll check SilverFX Pro later. I just went to our local store here in Manila where I bought my X100s and tried the XE1, X-Pro1 and XT-1. Hehehe! Since my lens are 35mm equivalent already, I think getting a F1.2/F1.4 lens instead of the standard kit lens would be more wise. Many thanks again Simon and keep on shooting! I’m a bag fan of your work. Cheers & Take Care!

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