Thoughts on a tube-Fujifilm X100isum’s

Being on the tube train in London provides a unique opportunity to gather some close up shots. There are two ways to tackle this, 1 just be bold and raise the camera to your eyes and take a shot, trust me you need to be brave, this is not always taken well by the travellers even with my best smile after taking a shot I can get some very stern looks of disapproval. It’s not resulted in anything more but it’s still a little nerve racking all the same. The second is the covert approach, having your camera a waist or chest height and clicking the shutter. The Fujifilm X100 and X100s is just perfect in both situations. The first X100isum people seem to smile when they see this camera simply for its retro looks and old school style. The second X100isum is the fact you can shoot with the Fujifilm X100 or X100s in silent mode, as the fujifilm X100 is a leaf shutter design and thus is virtually silent when you click the shutter. I was sitting for this shot and it was taken via view finder. Awesome fun.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a tube-Fujifilm X100isum’s

  1. Even with the silence of my X100, I really struggle to point my camera directly at people in the street. It is one thing to take a scene with person in it, but quite another to take a photo of person as the main subject.

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