Phew end of shift ……..

Another of my favourites regarding street shots with people. This one was a bit of a fluke. We were on a family holiday in Spain and decided to take a trip into the local city of La Zenia. We walked some of the more interesting and lively back streets. I spotted an open widow some 8-10ft off the ground, it was at the side of a small street Resteraunt. I had my X100 in street mode ie zone focus f5.6 for night and ISO auto. I just raised the Fuji X100 to the window a took a shot. I did not even look at the image I got at the time not until we returned to our villa much later in the evening that I found I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I did not expect to find the kitchens let alone the Chef. This Chef had clearly had a tough shift and was reflecting on the evenings work. I was so lucky to get such an unusual and in some ways a little dramatic pose. I felt for this guy when I saw the image and can’t Imagine what it must be like to work in such cramped and hot conditions. Just the little air fan to keep him cool. The X100 has in my mind a special versatility and size and makes shots like these possible. I would have never even thought to attempt this shot with my Nikon gear. I’m so glad I took the blind shot. It’s far from perfect and the focus is way off but for my its a true capture of working life in a Spanish Resteraunt and therefor will make it into my top all time best images I have taken if I ever choose to publish a book this one is in.


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