London X back….. What is the view.

Second of my favourite street photographs with people, this shot was taken at Spittles market Central London. I like this shot as it asks what are these two looking at. One of the ladies is taking a photo, I like the contrast of the X across the back of the dress. The pose difference is interesting two. BTW I should mention these images were taken over the last 2 years and do not fit the rules of my current project, however I am keen to review older images to learn what makes a good or interesting street photograph. I’m trying to isolate the shots that tell a story or provoke thoughts. These images or in no particular order of preference. All street images I am taking at the moment and this year are staying faithful to my 1camera1lens, however I don’t always choose to publish what I shoot at the time, its interesting to me at the moment to look back over old work with a wiser eyes and mind.


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