Motor-roaming Oundle

Out again last weekend having found a fabulous circular work around the stunning town of Oundle. Oundle is a market town in Northamptonshire. Its actually been inhabited since the Iron Age, it has been a trading place for tradesmen and farmer. A quite extraordinary piece of trivia, records from the doomsday book in 1066 shows Oundle to have 36 households and a mill with a total value of £0.30p. amazing eh.


So lets open the door (sorry) and take a little look around 


The mix of modern and old always strikes me as an odd balance in very old English towns and cities, some just work others struggle for certain things to fit in. Oundle sits in the not to sure category. 


The chosen 6 mile walk this weekend took out outs of the town and into the surrounding field to follow the Nene, the weather was overcast but warm and heavy air, its was a strange day for mother nature too, it seemed like the day that all of the floating seeds from surrounding plant life and in particularly Willow trees had become air born and on the move. We followed the banks of the Nene for some 3-4 miles. On the journey we were met with Cows, Bulls, Mud, flooding, herons , geese it was a really mater treet and quite a giggle watching Mrs P navigating some flooded and cattle fouled kissing gates. I concentrated on taking pictures as usual. 


The floating seeds turned the river white, revealing its flow path to the fisherman on the banks.


Geese trio taking off as Bunnie disturbs there feeding.


Check out that Heron in the background, not much I could do with the 35mm welded to the front of my X-E1 but still managed an interesting composition all the same.


Some more industrial places were provided to cross various section of the Nene river, and in some cases for other transport to cross us as the world zoomed by.


Of course we cannot travel far these days without our younger generation joining in on some graphical expression of their own placed suitably to grab our attention.


However if you keep your eyes open this type or visual delight can be countered by nature


We were soon lead back into civilisation, beautiful mill houses, boat houses and private homes and lets not forget our homage to the Myth of our imaginary creator too. 


It was not long before we headed back into the town centre ending a stunning days walking.


We even met some other dog lovers in town too…



Defo visit if you get the time and chance.


2 thoughts on “Motor-roaming Oundle

  1. Nice shots, Simon. We Yanks have to cross the big pond to see architecture like that. No people, though, except for Bunnie. Did you have to wait for them to clear off?

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