I must confess

I recently took a paid assignment and as much as I tried I could not avoid changing lenses, I needed a wide angle in order to get the shot. I’m disappointed that I was not able to keep to my New Years Resolution and challenge for 2014. Ok it was a tall order but I was hoping I could make it. Unfortunately I could not risk not getting the shots that the client needed and I was not prepared to risk this for my NYR. Oh well that’s the way it is. I have confessed but not given up. I will continue shoot with 1camera1lens, this was a little hiccup in the grand plan.

Location Salon group shot.

I guess I should at least show some of the shots and the various post processed images.

The shots were all taken using my 18-55 Fujinon lens and Fujifilm X-E1. Two Nikon SB speed lights were used in a number of ways and modifiers. 

location Salon shoot for Hairstylists.

Sepia versions too

A change of wardrobe can make for more choices

A few tweaked HDR post shots too for good measure.

So that’s it confession over, trying to get my mind back on track and removed the offending lens and re welded the 35mm back onto the X-E1. 

Thanks for reading. 

2 thoughts on “I must confess

  1. Hey, don’t feel bad. You’ve done much better at keeping your NYR than I have with mine. I blew mine by the end of January!

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