Cotswolds capital


Last weekend started with a walk at the very beginning of the grand river Thames is a small town called Cricklade. The Thames starts from a set of lakes in the Cotswolds and as it heads out to the sea Cricklade takes its first drink from the banks to form a very pretty town.

Town church at Cricklade. The first town on the Thames


The most prominent feature on the landscape is the church spire rising from the centre of the town it makes navigation easy as we found out on our walk through meadows and canals.

The walk we chose took use along the banks of the Thames as it is just a stream at this point in its life. Throughout meadows and old canals the walk was a pleasant journey around Cricklade. At one point we became lost and needed to ask an old gentleman for directions, he was kind enough to give us some history of the old river and canal systems that are currently being renovated.


We found the spot of the renovations to the area called the basin. It’s a long way from completion as it’s involving only local volunteers but it will prove to be a grand place to visit in the future.


The renovation of the Basin.

The basin was originally the dock area for the goods that were brought in via canal. Much of the stone works is in heavy disrepair but the renovation is revealing more and more about the past working canal. 

Next up we headed into the city of Cirencester the capital of the Cotswolds. I was not sure what to expect but was very surprised. This is a beautiful city. We are very fond of the brick used in the Cotswolds and there was no shortage of building in Cirencester build using this brick. I like this period of architecture to, I love the clean cut straight lines details that are so common in the Cotswolds. It’s truly stunning. Throw in a Roman amphitheater, an Elizabethan castle that is up for rent and a Victorian out door swimming pool and the city centre church that is most definitely cathedral like you have great city that is well worth a visit. 

The flowing set of images take you through the city, I chose black and white to highlight the shadows and straight lines of shadows.

The high street.


The Main Street reflected from a shop window.


Castle for rent.

Straight lines again reflected

The church as a guide to direction.


Michelle and Bunnie

Mysteries behind doors.

City centre church.

Gosh where next we can’t wait. 

2 thoughts on “Cotswolds capital

  1. Hi

    Just picked up this blog as good WiFi on our first site.

    Like all the shots

    Good site at St Nicolas des Eau one of our favourite spots in Brittanny. Check it out on Google Earth.

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