Welford and Stratford on Avon

Last weekend saw us take a trip northwest to a little village called Welford on Avon. We had picked out a little 3mile circular walk around a famous village of stunning thatched cottages and typically British country side living.

The weather was kind and we had a beautiful walk. There were quiet a few stunning modern properties too. I decided not to publish lots of shots of peoples private homes. The few that I have published are already commonly available. We then moved into Stratford town
Welford’s cute cottages were stunning to look at from the outside but I do wonder if I would be happy in the darker interior.

A famous maypole is still used in the summer fate.

At the bottom of the garden to one of the gorgeous modern buildings was this old hunting wagon converted to a playhouse. Stunning.

We found a spot on the outskirts of Stratford town for the evening. The next morning we set off again following the trail of a city walk.



The walk into the town took us along the narrow canal, its good to see its still working and in use with the leisure industry, but once was the heart of industry. The end of the canal takes you out into the basin and the very centre of the town where we were greeted with the busy Bank Holiday weekenders enjoying the good weather.






Along the river bank is the impressive church and the famous Shakespeare theatre.


The walk also took us to Shakespeare, s wife’s cottage and through a small hamlet of tiny thatched cottages.




It was not long before we were guided by the book back to the Avon canal leading us back to the town centre and the camper.

As we returned to the camper we were drawn to an incident that was taking place, police and ambulance, fire brigade and even the air ambulance descended on the area just a few meters away from our camper spot. A person unfortunately had fallen into on of the locks on the river and had been hurt. Thankfully they were not serious and were taken to hospital by road ambulance leaving us to watch as the air helicopter left the scene.

It was an exciting end to what has been yet another wonderful weekend away with the camper and camera.
All images are taken with my Fujifilm X-E1 and 35mm f1.4 lens and remaining true to my 1camera1lens year long project. All post processing it performed in Aperture with additional Nik software plugins to my personal taste.

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