Hunting Contrast going old school Fuji XE-1Camera1Lens

I set off this last weekend with a very specific objective in mind for my photography. We were spending the weekend in a Windsor home of the worlds largest inhabited Castle. Mrs P and I had visited last year but unfortunately had to cut the weekend short as Mrs P was taken I’ll. all that is passed us now and we visited again. This time I have a plan to for my photography needs, I was hunting contrast big time. I wanted to create some really old school street photography shots, from my research these typically had very high contrast scenes or composition. I particularly like this style and it tends to work best with black and white. My Fuji and 35mm in hand I set about the task. But all was not well …..

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This 1Camera1Lens project really pushes me. One problem that I am really struggling to perfect in street photography is Zone focus. I have spoken about it a few times now and it would really like to master it, however the longer this project goes on the more I am realising shooting at 50mm equivalent with a 35mm lens is really too long for effective Zone focus. I can’t seem to find a good aperture and depth of field I can work with, I find myself loosing many shots being totally out of focus. This weekend was no exception in fact my hit rate for keepers was frankly appalling. It was very frustrating and I reverted to manual or auto focus for the remainder of the weekend. I will keep trying though. It’s a long long road on this project.

Windsor is impressive. Last year we agreed that we needed to revisit as we had not seen as much of the city as we would have liked. We were not disappointed. Apart from the obvious castle, we took time to visit the gardens, parks and take in some of the great walks though and around the city. I found plenty to grab the attention of my lens and concentrate on seeking harsh contrast. This was supported by the fact we had fabulous sunny weather, creating super shadows and contrasting environments. It turned out I started to really see light and this led me to venture into some very different areas of this great city and not even needed the sun to find subject matter for this mini project.


Now you might be wondering where are the classic shots of this world famous city well I wanted to show a different side. Windsor is a working city with millions of visitors a year so let’s also take a look at how its works.



I have a bunch of classic shots ready to go too and will post again. For now and for this particular set of images for my mini project on old school high contrast street photography I worked on the really old school look in post to.
The good fortune for the weekends photography work continued when on the way home we called into another famous city just to the north west of London, Welwyn Garden. We spent some time in Britain’s famous 2nd “garden” city. The first being Letchworth. We took a walk in the forest parks surrounded this truly stunning town centre. The shopping centre is particularly attractive, with fountains, and grass areas. Again with the bright sun I was still in the hunting mode for contrast and found a few more shots for the old school conversion look I was after. I think I hit the mark. I have a great weekend away in the camper giving me chance to practice again with the 1camera1Lens. I’m starting to formulate an idea of the key elements for my future photography needs in terms of equipment.





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