Pixi for my Fuji 1Camera1Lens

Sticking to my plans and wanting to spend this year with the Fuji X-E1 and the 35mm wonder lens welded to the front I am keen to keep things interesting and varied when I got out to shoot. Last year there were a number of genre and techniques I wanted to re visit. One of which was long exposure. Most would know by now that one critical element to obtaining great results shooting long exposures if to have a steady camera. I have large heavy silk tripod from eons gone bye. It’s not practical to lug this around and in my camper so I have been using my trusty gorilla pod, however me and the gorilla have not had a great relationship keeping an eye out for a new baby tripod. I found one. The Manfroto Pixi….looks good on my Fuji X100 too.


so what’s it like….

Firstly it’s very well constructed, it’s made of a very good quality engineering plastic. Feels very strong and tough. The legs only open to the one position but once open and settled it is amazingly stable. The gem of the tripod is the built in ball head. Wow this thing is frankly brilliant.

You simply push the red trigger button to release the ball action to allow the angled position of the mounted camera. Realising the button fixes the head into position VERY firmly. The only downside is not being able to set the camera in portrait, but I doubt I will be needing to shoot in that mode.
The ends of each leg have a small rubber pads providing some extra grip. The trip folds all legs together with a design feature that allows you to use the tripod had a hand grip, very useful if your a video shooter. Its light weight distorts it strength, this is a fabulous tripod. The gorilla pod would be a fiddle to set, sometime suffering from creep where I would place it. Used to grip it was fine but it’s not often I can find a grip post or item. The Pixi is very quick to deploy and set the camera angle.



The Manfroto Pixi is not cheap. At £25.oo is relatively expensive for something plastic of this size, however the quality of the manufacturing, plastics used and the superb ball head lock it really is worth the cost.
Top marks product can’t wait to work on some long exposure shots soon.

3 thoughts on “Pixi for my Fuji 1Camera1Lens

  1. Interesting idea. I was going to use my Ultrapod, but, I’ve always hated how hard it was to adjust its ball head. I’m going to give this a shot.

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