Stamford England “one-C-one-L”

Continuing on my one camera one lens journey for 2014 the city of Stamford throws up real challenge with such narrow field of view.

It nearly led me to break my New Years resolution and all for a landscape shot, why. Read on
Stamford town sits on the great north road between London and York in Lincolnshire. It is crammed with 17th and 18th century buildings and three church spires. I would have added a photo next of the three spires in one wide shot but guess what I had my 35mm bolted on the front and did not find a suitable vantage point far enough away to make one …. Lol how I love my challenges. 1-C-1-L will test me. However sticking with the plan I battled on with a town tour guided by my trusty AA short walks book. Taking in some beautiful buildings, architecture and stonework along with Jaguar E-type in the previous blog. I can confidently say Stamford town was a real surprise, busy by day, calm early evening and a joy to visit.







The shot above is of the brewery P&R Phipps it used to be a stream brewery and opens to the public for viewing. It makes fruit beers these days but I’m sure provided beverages for weary travellers for many years at the George hotel. The town is famous to for its grand stately home Burghley House sorry no photos this post. It will have to be another day for that post is required its surcharge a huge place but sadly closed this time of year. The gardens are supposed to be spectacular too. Burghley House was built by Sir William Cecil and the gardens designed by the great Capability Brown. Sir William’s tomb is in one of the church’s in Stamford town. Stamford can trace its history of origin to AD61 at the time of Boudica,Extraordinary. I don’t need to go into a historic lesson but hey you get the idea, man this place has history and it shows wiki it for more.










I really took way too many shots to post and I am yet to return and visit Burghley House too. What a great start on the year. I’m still gobsmacked with the Fuji X-E1’s performance. These shots were processed in Aperture to my personal taste and post process settings for black whites that I have set up that I really like. I am determined to stick to 1C1L.
I will loose some shots on this journey like I did in Stamford but I will be all the richer in experience at the craft of making images for it I’m am sure. Hopefully I will be rewarded with a great personal blog and portfolio of the journey by the end of the year and reward myself by saving my pennies and buying the X-Pro2 body when the Fuji genius’s guys launch it, (don’t tell Mrs P though …lol)
Happy shooting. Oh I picked up a super little tiny Manfroto pixi tripod. I will blog post soon as its fabulous for travel and some impromptu long exposure shooting. Best thing I have bought in a long while.

14 thoughts on “Stamford England “one-C-one-L”

  1. Nice one Simon, Stamford is a great place and as you say, man it has history!…. And some fine pubs too! …. On a gear note, I recently tried out the XPro 1 with the latest firmware installed and I gotta say, I was impressed….. So much so that I am in the process of ordering one as we speak!…. Fujifilm are doin a great 2 lens deal until the end of March, it’s too good to resist for me!!… I know, I’m weak!….. And as we all say, don’t tell the Mrs!!

    Good luck with 1C/1L, it’s a great project, you will have some great images at the end.

    1. Hey Bobster,  Thank you for your comment fella, yes your weak Sir ….. lol but in this case its a Fuji X-Pro so I can see why you should be forgiven by the Mrs. I thought you were already a Fuji X series shooter? I have been tempted a few times on E-Bay for a use XP1 body but fought it off and pushing myself to wait. The X-Pro1 body is my favourite looking of all the Xseries XT1 included. The odd thing is I prefer to shoot with the EVF and “IF” Fuji make the XP1 body with the OVF AND the new EVF in the XT1, I will not be able to resist with with weakness. My XE1 will on ebay to help fund the change. As yet I can’t really notice IQ differences in the XP1 XE1 and XE2 and XT1, focusing and speed is up but that has never really bothered me so I am hanging on a while longer and finish my project for the year. I still love this quality I a get from the XE1 and 35mm I love using it.  

      Post some pics of your new toys dude, I look forward to your review and thoughts on the XP1.   Simon Peckham Blog http://www.simonpeckham/

      1. Cheers matey, yes I already shoot and blog about my old X-100, the XP1 will compliment it nicely, giving me focal lengths of 27/35/50mm approximately via the 18 & 35 M&M on the XP and the 23mm on the X-100…. Perfect!… Will keep you posted!!

      2. Hey Bob. Yeah I thought so, another x series camera can’t be a bad thing. I am currently playing with a cheap alternative to the new 56mm f1.2 that I can afford and have got hold of a kippon xf to M42 adapter. After some research I found a supposed good 58mm f2 lens from Helios really cheap on eBay. It arrives today so will be having a loom at if it will make a good portrait lens. If it works and for under Ā£100. It’s a great option as I don’t do portraits very often. Look forward to seeing the shots of the new xp1 an the results from it dude. Regards Simon.

        Sent from my iPhone


      1. Thank you Simon šŸ˜€ In the US we think fuel is expensive but it’s nothing compared to Europe. I’m also a fan of Fast and Loud.

  2. Hi Simon, I just discovered your blog via “”. This post jumped out at me with the word “Stamford” in the title. I live in Leicester and Burghley Hall has been a regular visit since childhood. I know the town of Stamford rather less well and I think this post has inspired me to revisit in the near future. You certainly found some interesting things to fill your viewfinder with. I particularly like the one of the woman walking by that fine old door and arch, also the street scene with the buskers and the young lad looking sidelong into your lens.

    I’ll be catching up with some previous posts soon. The idea of 1C1L appeals to me, it’s something I often do for a single day of shooting. By the look of it you’ve committed to a much longer stint? A year? It’s certainly a great way to get to know your kit well and if it’s a 12 month stretch (which seems to be the case) then I admire your dedication hugely. I did a “normal” photo-a-day 365 project a couple of years back and I found that challenging enough.

    I’m in the process of “moving over” to the Fuji X system from Canon. I bought an X100 two years ago and have never really looked back. It was only recently that I decided that it was time to take the plunge on an X Pro1 however, taking advantage of the fantastic deal Fuji had at the start of this year. So I have the XP1, 18mm and 35mm so far. Some of my photography will require something a bit longer so my next target is the 55-200mm. So, no 1C1L for me for a while I don’t think šŸ˜‰

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your Stamford shots, thanks for the reminder that it’s a visually interesting town within a fairly short drive from home. I look forward to looking through some more of your posts.

    1. Hi and thank you for taking the time to ready my blog and comment, most kind. I will be returning to view the house it’s a shame I was not able to visit this time round. I am very often surprised by many of the cities I visit in my travels in the camper. Stamford was one of them. Moving to Fuji two years ago and I can say I have never missed my Nikon gear. Using these Fuji x-series cameras really do improve my shooting and I find myself pushing into projects like my one camera one lens challenge for 2014. It’s going to be interesting but I am very determined to complete it, its a fun thing to try and do. Enjoy your XP1 and the longer lenses.

      Sent from my iPad


      1. The long lens would mostly be used for something I’ve not now done in over a year – photography at gigs in small, local venues. I really enjoy the challenge of the lighting in some of those places and when I get the results I’m looking for it feels great. With reference to your post regarding the Pentax Spotmatic I’m contemplating buying an adapter to try that 55mm f1.8 on the XP1. I did use it in “Canon Land” with an adapter (of course) and really enjoyed the results I managed to get with it. It was tough to focus accurately without the advantage of a split prism on the 7D, but that made it all the more satisfying when I did manage to pull it off. *cough* Shouldn’t be talking about all this lens swapping here really should I? I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress in this project – you’re a brave man šŸ˜‰

  3. Your 1C1L project is really quite inspiring. It has not pushed me down that line, indeed we have just added a 55-230 zoom to our kit so quite the opposite. However, it constantly reminds me of the excellent capabilities of the 35mm1.4lens. The other thing I enjoy is your street shooting. Last year we walked around Venice spending ages waiting for there to be no people in the shots. Generally I was pleased with the pictures but when I revisit them I keep thinking they lack something and it is of course people. People give life to a photo, but it is how you capture them that counts. Here two stand out for me, the woman walking past the door and the guy drinking from a can. PS your black and white settings you have created in aperture look spot on to me.

    1. Hi Adrian, thank you, its inspiring to me too. I did a project a few years ago with my Nikon gear and my 18-200. I did a week each shooting at only @ 200mm (300mm on Crop) and only @18mm it was a cool self challenge. I understand the need for to zooms and I really like them. I’m just pushing my self with these challenges to hopefully make me a better photographer in a personal way, and along the road I will hopefully produce more interesting images. Its all part of what I love about photography, every one has a path and journey. I am very much looking forward to seeing some of your results from your new toy Sir…. and your right persons in the shots is a good think for street work.. Its odd people tend to dive out of the way when trying to take a shot so you need to some how “blend in” to get the most natural ones. Yeah this last set processed with my new settings as very pleasing for me. These settings and my “Soft” HDR’s are my favourites from the Aperture Nik suit at the moment.

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