Fuji X-E-Type.. Black and White Jaguar…Purrrrr.

Being lucky enough to own a VW Camper Van I have the huge pleasure of travelling in and around the UK on the weekends. This fits with my photography really well providing be with a rich and ever changing environment. I often choose places to visit based on interesting cities, towns and landscapes that I would like to photograph. Having a full time job in engineering getting to the weekend and spending it in another city is just fantastic. This weekend Mrs P (Michelle) and Bunnie the puppy Maltese and myself headed for the historic city of Stamford on the great north road between London and York. This is a town that has unusual features, not only does it have beautiful grand old and historic buildings, cobbled streets, and masses of history, its most striking feature on the landscape is 3 church spires. More of the streets and the photos in later in another blog because this item deserved a post of its own. I choose to shoot black and white, and found one of these beauties in the car park. The drop dead gorgeous Jaguar E-Type 4.2. Yep. Fully restored and simply stunning.

So when you find something like this the only decent thing to do when you travel with a brilliant Fuji X-Series camera and 35mm lens it shoot it.

So what needs to be done. Well in my mind you need ensure your safe. By that I mean clear of the wife. So first things first make sure Mrs P is happy. Then let her know that you may be some time …..photographing a car, it’s a black car that is old and famous, and really rare, but I will pick up some good wine and bring it back for lunch while I’m gone. Yeah sorted ……now down to business. The Jaguar E-Type is famous for its curvy lines and styling so I wanted to capture those.




As you can see this car has curvy lines in spades. If you want to know more Hear is the wiki link.
Next up and only the right thing to do are to capture some details.







This car close up really is something else. The condition was fantastic. I believe it was a 1964 model Series 1 but would not like to bet on it. The interior was all original red leather and looked amazing with the wooden steering wheel and the silver and black dash and decals.

The only thing left to do was to jump in and take it for a spin. ……. Yeah right no unfortunately that was not going to happen, however it was a really treat to get to photograph ones of theses iconic cars. Even Enzo Ferrari himself said it was the most beautiful car ever made when it was launched in 1961.
I will post again with the rest of the images of Stamford later. For now it worth just enjoying the Jaguar E-Type.



4 thoughts on “Fuji X-E-Type.. Black and White Jaguar…Purrrrr.

  1. Lovely set of photos. And yes, a lovely car. My dad got to drive one of these (along with a few other classics) around Mallory Park a few years back as part of his 75th birthday present from my sister and I. Lucky chap!

    I’m really loving the rich dark tones in these photos. It’s a look I’d love to be able to create in camera on my X Pro1 (or X100 for that matter). I keep fiddling with the jpg settings but haven’t quite hit home yet. I suppose I need to put together a collection of “likely candidate” photos and keep playing with the in camera raw conversion until I get close.

    I always shoot in raw + jpg and try to get things as right as possible in camera to minimise the time spent sat in-front of the computer after every shoot. But I do sill tend to end up tweaking the raws in Lightroom to get the look I’m after. If I can find a jpg “recipe” that is close enough then I can envisage setting myself a little “straight out of the camera” project.

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