My travel kit and street bag

I decided to have a clean out and empty my Domke 2 bag. I use this bag to carry my travel kit when I am away in the camper. It takes on a few variations in content depending on what I am needing to carry. Pure street I will strip out what I don’t need to carry and leave it in the camera. Essentially however this bag will carry all I need for a pro shoot to. Its a fabulous camera bag. Oh and the reason for clean out and empty was that I have water proof the bag today with a wax spray system. Looks great and I have tested out in the rain, it’s done a great job, perfect for those moments when your out and about and caught in the rain it will more than protect my gear with out the need to cover with a nylon rip stop cover. My apologies in advance for the poor quality iPhone images but they are for demo purposes. I will start with the full open kit. Read on for the key information on the content.

The key details read on

So this is almost the full kit I would add a second SB25 and trigger in the other side pocket that is not show and left empty, and then two double folding light stands and a shoot through or collapse softbox, for this purpose I will cover my travel kit. Additions in the caper at just 12v battery chargers for both types of bodies.

1) Fuji X-100
2) Fuji X-E1
3) Filters, conversion rings, wired remote shutter.
4) Batteries
5) Ten stop filter
6) Nikon SB600
7) White balance cards
8) Fuji 18-55 lens
9) Small kit grids and jells, ipad adopters, SD cards.
10) Various cleaning cloths, for lens and bodies.
11) Gorilla Pod
12) Waterproof folding seat mat
13) Extra A3 batteries for SB600
14) eBay transceiver
15) eBay flash trigger.
16) Soft pack insert (from another bag I don’t use)
17) Lens pen
18) Waterproof rips top cover.

So that’s how I roll, all in one bag. Like I said earlier I take gear in and out depending on my needs when traveling in the camper.
Here are the packed up images for completeness. The only other addition is my ipad but I don’t tend to carry that on street outings but it’s used to view when we are back from the days touring on foot.



4 thoughts on “My travel kit and street bag

  1. Hey, Simon,

    My travel kit looks much the same. The differences being an X-E2 and X100S with the addition of the 55-200 for wildlife and no external flash. I also carry my “kit for the day” in a secure travel bag, wire cable in the strap and wire mesh in the bag.Thieves are a bummer.

    Thanks for sharing. Carry on.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your input. Its a great setup. My ideal would be to have the X-Pro2 so I can try out the new AF speed and the manual focus improvements, but do to my New Years resolution for 2014 of one camera one lens shooting limitations it can all wait until the end of the year. Happy shooting my friend.

      Sent from my iPad


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