Let’s hope the Fuji X-Pro2 looks more like this.

Having seen the first set of marketing images for the new Fuji XT1 the fabled weather safe wonder, I have been a little disappointed with its looks. Now I know we should never judge a book by its cover and I am sure this will be a stunning performer. However the X-Pro 1 is in my eyes simply perfect in visual design even with the cute hot shoe flash to trigger your main lights. When Fuji launched the X100 they made a historical classic, when Fuji upgraded it to the new phase detecting sensor then made all the changes to the electronics and internals and left the external alone apart for a little change to the button arrangement and out popped the X100s completely retaining its fantastic classic looks. I do hope that Fuji does something similar with the X-Pro2 when it’s launched. One of the main problems for me is that I am a left eye shooter I have tried many times to switch to the right eye but I just can’t, it’s just un natural. So seeing the XT-1 having the view finder in the centre of the body is not a good thing for me. Having said all that I will still take time to find a local camera store that will have the XT1 in stock and see how it feels in the hands. Its looks very similar in size to my old OM-10 film body. This too has the eyepiece viewfinder in the centre and I really don’t manage to get on with it. Oh well in the mean time I hope he Fuji X-pro2 turns out just like the X-Pro1 mock up shot I found.


14 thoughts on “Let’s hope the Fuji X-Pro2 looks more like this.

  1. I too hope you are right re the design of the X-Pro2…..surely Fuji wouldn’t ‘mess’ too much with their Pro version of the X lineup, particularly when I haven’t heard many criticisms of its outward design in the first place……..Fingers X’d!!!

    I have no insider information whatsoever but I would see the XT1 as Fuji’s attempt to compete with Olympus and Sony (albeit the Sony is FF)…I am sure it will do well in its niche in the market with the X-Pro2 et al, running alongside it.

  2. Would be nice if it is the same size body, controls the same place on the body. Weather sealed, articulated viewing screen. Much faster Auto Focus. 21 MP file size with even finer performance. ISO settings down to 25 without any penalty in image quality.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and comments, some good things in this post developing. To me the file size is fine at 16mp and detail is more than suitable for my personal needs. Total agree with the controls, needs to leave them in the same place it’s infuriating when they are changed. No to worried about a flappy screen but I get it.. Let’s hope all out wishes come true end of the year and I have finished my one camera one lens project. Can’t wait. ….

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  3. I would be happy with same body design, and wil. Be happy if they continue the 16mp sensor area. The real nice to haves for me would be weather sealing, WiFi, dual sd card slot and maybe an expanded ISO range. Oh, and improved AF – too much? And finally – please leave the screw I’m slot for a genuine cable release, not some awful electronic thing that can be programmed…

    1. Hi Andrew, thank you for taking the time to post a comment, I agree, 16mp is just find ( the files are large enough) we don’t need Full Frame , the screw thread shutter needs to stay. Don’t change the layout of the controls PLEASE. I find that one a pain just moving from X100 to X-E1. Yep weather sealed, wifi auto transfer or direct tethering to LR and Aperture. Ooooh can’t wait lol.

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  4. I love my Pro enough not to be tempted by a Pro 2 the moment it hits the shelves. This is mostly a financial reason and I’m just not one of those gear heads who must have the latest and greatest either. Evolutionary improvements are to be expected, however, I’ve always felt this camera was missing an analog ISO dial. With the EVF/OVF arrangement, locating it on the left is tricky. Maybe a ‘stacked’ dial on the right could facilitate one in the next generation. Just keep the OVF, PLEASE!

    1. Hi thank you for your comments most valid and interesting to read users requirements. I too wi be sticking with my X100 and X-E1 a least until the end of the year. Like you mainly because of cost but also my New Years resolution and challenge to myself of One Camera One lens, but Fuji makes it to tempting to deviate. Lol.

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