More Fuji X-T1 images.

I can’t decide if I actually like this look. I’m not a fan of that prism hump thing. I think I am going to have to wait until the end of the year and find out what the new XPro2 is going to look like. At the moment I prefer the Xpro1 looks. Oh well.


Anyone having the same thoughts as me?

4 thoughts on “More Fuji X-T1 images.

  1. I’m with you I prefer the rangefinder look more than this. In fact hankering for a second body I think an x-m1 would giver a flip screen and wifi and complement my X-E1 nicely.

  2. I was planning on getting the XE2 and then the rumoured X100 firmware update came out. So I delayed and now this comes out. I agree with you on the hump. I am not sure if I can hold out any longer.

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