At last …Fuji X-E1 and motor roaming the first trip of the year

Yeah… It seems and age since being out for the weekend in the camper so it was lovely to get away this last weekend, the forecast was sunny but cold, perfect for a trip to the sea side of Southend on Sea and a town not yet visited or had the pleasure of photographing. Sticking with my year or “on camera one lens” I was spending time with the X-e1 and 35mm f/1.4.

Over the Christmas holiday I had ordered a thumb grip that attaches to the flash hot shoe. Here are my thoughts on the grip and the joys of Southend on Sea
I should start by commenting on the the little thumb grip for under Β£10 is really great little addition to the Fuji X-E1. It surprised me how the position proved to be very natural for holding the camera. It really does help in supporting your grip on the camera, In no way did it hamper my use, I was expecting it to cause a problem and that it would irritate me trying to get to the controls but no such problems occurred. If you have an X-E1/2 or X100/s I can highly recommend getting one of these things. I will be ordering another so I can have them on both the Fuji X-E1 and the Fuji X100.

The more I use and stick with the one camera one lens theme the more I seem to enjoy my photography, this process is forcing me to think about composition in more ways than normal Fuji X series really is making me a better photographer.

We landed in Southend on Sea not expecting much, particularly for the time of year, we arrived around lunchtime, finding a spot with a view we parked and grabbed some lunch before heading off along the sea front and on to the world famous pier, its world famous because it’s the longest pier in the world. To my wife’s displeasure it is also the only pier we know of that would not let you take your dog for a walk along it, it left us no choice but to part company for an hour or so, I headed to the train along the pier and Michelle and Bunnie (the Maltese ball of fluff I bought my daughter last Christmas….yeah I know tell me about it… Lol) they found a coffee shop on the sea front. Most annoying. This pier also plays host to Jamie Oliver’s, the famous Chef and my food cooking hero’s pop up Resteraunt ‘Jamie’s and jimmies”. (It was closed this time of year unsurprisingly) So I still took the train ride to the end of the pier and took advantage of the early January sunset and long shadows the catching of a couples romantic moment at the start of this post was my shot favourite of the day.


I have included two or three HDR versions in this post. I couldn’t help it.

It quite an un impressive pier with little more than a large cafe and life boat centre at the end, after spending 30 mins photographing on or two scenes that caught my eye I headed back, located Michelle and Bunnie and we headed off exploring the rest of the sea front.



Yeah another HDR ….. Sorry.
We wondered into the town centre to shop for the evening meal cook up, by now the light is fading fast giving me the opportunity to test the recent firmware changes to the Auto ISO controls. Yeah brilliant Fuji. This now works like my X100, its a pleasure to use at night, previously I would need to be adjusting settings continually as the light changes. Now I can concentrate on the surroundings and composition and not so much on the dials. Thank you Fuji ….you rock.



Finally we headed out of the busy part of town in the camper,parked up in a safe spot, opened the wine, cooked up a salmon feast, while I cooked I was downloading the afternoons photography for iPad viewing later, what great end to grand days shooting out at the sea side and in January madness eh! I charged up the batteries while we settle into down for the night watching 24. Yep I know way ….behind on that one, but I don’t have time to watch TV at home….I wonder why ? Can’t wait for the next trip ……. I hope you enjoyed my images of Southend on Sea.

9 thoughts on “At last …Fuji X-E1 and motor roaming the first trip of the year

  1. I like this mixing of the photography with a few words on how you spent the day and the one lens one camera mission is interesting. Oh and did I say great photos.

    1. Thanks Adrain, I’m treating my blog more like a diary of journeys but it works for me, even better if others enjoy it too. The one camera one lens is challenging I felt many times I should be switching to a wider lens to get better landscape shots but I resisted the temptation and better for it I think. Cheers

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  2. Good Post Simon, I’ve have had a thumb grip on my X-100 since I bought it, way back. They are definitely worth their weight in gold, adding to the comfort and control of the camera. Great pics, Southend gets great sunsets too.

    1. Thanks Bob for taking the time to comment. I agree the thumb grip is a great addition I have missed out on that one. I have tried the soft touch button this weekend too but did not like it at all. The thumb grips however is a permanent in view. Southend on Sea certainly was fruitful with the sunset. Regards.

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      1. I’ll second the comment Bob made about a thumbs up grip. It’s made holding my X-E1 much easier. I’m waiting for my hand grip to show up. I bought one of the cheap knock offs from China found here : The sellers been great emailing me several times to let me know when the item shipped and to contact him if I have any issues, some of the best customer service I’ve come across on ebay. He did accept my offer of $65 with free shipping. so I got $4 off not too bad. I’ve heard the new official Fuji grips are going to be $120.

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