Tilt screens on all Fuji X series. …… If you like

Every now and again a piece of tech pops up and offers a solution for a way of working that is sometimes a problem. I’m quite used to popping my camera in unusual positions or angle to get a shot, either up high or low level. Most of the time I can stretch or get down to a position that is comfortable. However this is not always the case or even possible. So up pops Eye-Fi that can be used amongst other obvious studio environment benefits to solve a problem. This can be great for difficult camera positions or situations where you need to review shots but maintain fully the camera position at all times. For example long exposures. So what it all about

Have a read about how this works.

Firstly you need a mobile eyefi SD card with built in Wi-Fi, set it up with an account and away you go. Pop the card into the camera just the same as a regular SD card. You need to check if it works with your particular camera make and model. I can confirm it works with my Fuji X100 and my Fuji X-E1. Once you power up and take a few shots it enables the card built in Wi-Fi transmitter. What ever device you want to transfer the images to, this I’m my case was my iPad and iPhone you need to down load the App. This adds some software drivers to your portable device (works with my MacPro too). Once these have been installed you can go to the settings of you portable device and select the Eye Fi network that is generated to transfer your images to the apps gallery. That’s it.


So you now have the ability to transfer you images wirelessly anywhere. Great for location shooting where you may wish to share with a client on the fly. Shoot in difficult situations where the camera own screen is not easy or impossible to see. It can be used to support long exposure work where images need to be reviewed without moving the camera.

Ok so it has some flaws, you need to make sure you not surrounded by other strong signals of other wifi networks as both my devices tend to look for the strongest signal so the weaker one will often be lost. However out in the open it works well. You need also to remember to set you auto lock time limit of you chosen portable device to delay shutting down. Each time the device auto locks or goes to sleep it will loose the signal this quickly becomes annoying. The other glaring obvious problem is that there are no tools to change any settings over the camera so it’s not like using the professional tethered systems from other mainstream DSLR manufacturers. Thinking out loud it would be great for Fuji to provide such an App and would be a great additional tool to have in the kit bag.
I hope to use this solution for remote setups in the future and provides solutions in a very affordable package. If you want to know more please visit the website. here


6 thoughts on “Tilt screens on all Fuji X series. …… If you like

    1. Hi Daniel thank you for taking the time to comment. Each to there own and the option is in the title of this post “if you like”. Personally I don’t regard my iPhone or iPad as electrical crap, both fit quite nicely in my backpack and it makes for dual use of items I carry anyway.

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