Running out of year

We are rapidly running out if the year. 2013 is screaming up to its end and we have managed to squeeze in what I am sure will be the last camper weekend this year. I say that with a little sadness. We have had an amazing year in the camper, thinking back we have had some fabulous trips and weekends both in the UK and France. Wow the Paris trip stands out for me. Must do more of France.
This weekend we trundled up to Newstead and in particular Newstead Abby. Lord Biron’s old house. Yes that’s the very same English Poet Byron more here. He inherited the property at the age of 10 in 1798. Wow wonderful collection of stunning buildings in beautiful settings. The weather was against us at times but we managed to get a walk and some photography. I decided to try and combine two of the new things I have been trying this year, long exposure and HDR. I have not been able to to as much practice of either so my results are someway off where I would like to be but I will keep trying next year. So how did I get on….

20131209-215834.jpg check out
The fist image is really a relatively short exposure. I did find some time between the spots of rain to squeeze in some longer exposures. For now I will start with the normal images. Out again with the Fuji X-E1 that will be a year old in my kit bag this Christmas. I have not shot nearly enough with this fabulous little set up and I am seemingly heading for the one camera one lens brigade naturally. I’m not sure why but I just really enjoy learning with this combination. I think I will be sticking with it for 2014 too. Darkness was speeding up on the day so I had to tweak the ISO to keep the shutter speed up for hand holding. ( I will be looking forward to the software update that addresses the min shutter speed setting). I took the flexible gorilla pod, 8stop filter and wire manual trigger for the long exposures.








As always lets not forget some littles details. I don’t think I have every seen such beautiful original lead drainage pipes. Yep weird I know but I notice these things sometimes. Look at this level of detail in a drain pipe for goodness sake.


And a bronze plaque with history lesson built in ….

That just leaves my efforts on the combination HDR and Long exposure. I guess next it will be a Christmas post ….. Seasons greetings to all.




9 thoughts on “Running out of year

  1. Some really amazing pictures Simon. They look sort of surreal, like out of a fantastic movie. I have enjoyed them very much. Merry Christmas! Sandra

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