My Fuji’s and HDR

First I should start with experimenting HDR for the first time. I can’t say I have ever been a big fan of HDR images. I’m not sure why but I am not a colour geek. I prefer muted colours and tones and therefore not really taken much notice of the technique. In know it has a massive following. There are books,guides software and tutorials all over the w’s. So me being me I felt it was time for me to experiment. Having upgraded to Aperture 3 on my new iMac if gave me a chance to try out some new plugins. The following images used Nik software to create the HDRs.

It’s not so easy getting it to my taste but
I soon became very aware that I am still not to keen the coloured HDR versions, the over saturation still does not sit well in my optical pallet. I am sure many of you disagree but it’s where I am with HDR for now. I abandoned the colour versions and took some considerable time converting and tweaking black and white versions. I used both Nik’s silverFX pro and HDRpro.

I started out creating 3 versions of one image with neutral, then over and under exposed versions. Importing these for the conversion into HDR and playing with blending them. Again I found this to be some what over processed. I certainly preferred working in black and white and found partially the images were appealing but I could not quite be happy with them. I started to wonder if perhaps I should be working with original images. Maybe I should take the time to go out and shoot some new city scenes specifically over and under exposed. It was by chance that I can across some conversion that I really liked. I miss selected both the over and under exposed version of the London O2 arena, and only imported the one image that was normally exposed. To my surprise I was still able to use the software and perform an HDR conversion. Now I was able to use some of the tools in a more interesting manner that I was previously able.
I chose to use the manual conversion selection tool where I could control the light and dark areas with ease, even being able to change the structure and contrast in these areas gave me much greater control, this resulted in images I actually like and felt work while sharing one or two of them with a blog post. The results seem a little more subtle than normal, ok these took a while for me to get them how I liked them but I think it was worth the effort in the in the end. If you have not dabbled in HDR because like me your not too fond of the results I would highly recommend playing with black and white versions and using single images. It seems to work.



I have to say I was massively impressed with some of the results here. I really enjoyed re processing some of my images particularly the cityscapes from. London and Paris. I guess it just goes to show we should try things we don’t like from time you time gosh does than mean I’m going to shoot RAW next!!!!
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6 thoughts on “My Fuji’s and HDR

  1. These are gorgeous. I agree that HDR in color tends to look way too over saturated and it just destroys an otherwise good image. I invite you to check out my blog at I use a X100s and have a similar shooting style.

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