My Fuji’s needed a post process treat.

Having owned Apple Macintosh computers for over ten years I have no intention to change what works for me. I have been working at post processing my images using a 10year old Apple Power Mac quad core G5, the equipment and software has been faultless and I purchased it second hand too and thus it’s had a hard life. Due to the gainly progression of the engineering super teams at Apple progress and advances has been rapid. I have stayed with this progressive approach in a number if ways I have upgraded software, bought the iPad, various iPods and iPhones and MacBook laptop. However my work horse with out doubt has been my Power PC Quad G5. Apple no longer supports this hardware since moving to all Intel architecture. Now it’s time for me to move forward, not because the G5 in anyway has any problems but mainly because the software and processing speeds as advanced enough to make a significant different to my time with work flow for image processing. So I have just taken delivery of a new iMac 27″.

20131027-155948.jpg As usual this gave me an opportunity to take some images. As always I like to challenge myself and therefore decided I needed to take 6 images for the old and the new to show the 15year design changes at their best. The above image is one read on for the others.
The next set of images for me really represent the design ideals on these pieces of engineering art and functionality. Both the new iMac and the now ageing PowerMac and Mac Pros have beauty in form and function. I hope with the Fuji X100 I have captured many of theses features and feeling. I was not able to use the X-E1 as I don’t have a macro lens, the X100 allowed me to move in closer with the macro feature and closer focusing distance.






It should be fairly clear what set of six images is which but I case your not familiar with Apple desktop computers the next set of six images is of the MacPro Quad core G5.






So that’s it …… And a new period of post processing begins for me. All images are now processed on a stunningly fast 27″ iMac and Aperture3. My G5 might end up dissected and mounted on the wall in my study as it might well make great wall art.

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