Lets not forget the Fuji that started it all ……X100 v2.0

With all the hype and hustle about the new Fuji X-E2 I nearly forgot about the recent firmware update for the still fantastic X100. Really the camera that started it all, although strictly speaking not a X series camera as it does not have the X-Trans sensor. The Fuji X100 has recently had a firmware jump from 1.3 to 2.0 and I would have a bold statement and say it will probably be the last. Fuji has been and still is a world class “listener” to the users of the X-series cameras since day one and as such has been providing firmware updates for all of X camera’s on a regular basis. This is one of the fabulous traits of the Fuji team, they have continued 2 years on supporting and improving the X100 and other X-series camera. It really is remarkable and I personally want to say a huge THANK YOU to the the Fuji team of engineers. This recent update to the X100 is simply brilliant. It feels and performs almost like a new camera. It makes me laugh….my X100 is now a battered and very well used item (check out my stealth post to see what I mean) my X100 has suddenly had a youthful injection of snappiness with some extra tech added too. The focus peaking software addition is super. The manual focus is even a little more usable yeah it really has. Focus accuracy in low light has really improved the speedy department, no joke it is like a new camera. This is simply fantastic stuff from super hero Fuji engineers.

I’m still playing with the X100 and admiring the new extended zest of electronic life that has been zapped into my tired friends X100 body, its still my “do it all camera” to have in my bag.
Yeah Fuji you rock ….


3 thoughts on “Lets not forget the Fuji that started it all ……X100 v2.0

  1. I can’t argue with that Simon, it really is fantastic work and so good of them to update a camera that has been superseded with the ‘S’. This has given my X-100 a new lease of life and delayed me getting the ‘S’ even longer….if at all now.

    1. Yeah I have the same feeling. Just so happy with it. Might just wait until the X-Pro2 and see if worth sticking a 23mm on my X-E1 as a X100 replacement and saving the pennies up for the xpro yum yum.

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