It’s my birthday on Fuji X-E2 day……thoughts.

So October 18th was a special day. Firstly its my 45th birthday. Secondly Fujifilm announces launch of the X-E2. Do I want one?….. yep sure I do. Will I be getting one?…. Nope not unless Fuji kindly gives me one. Why. It’s simple. I cannot justify the upgrade. Reason. Well does it have better IQ than the X-e1. Nope not unless your a real pixel peeper. Is it more advanced, he’ll yes. Is it easier to take great pictures yep bet it is but at the end of the day I get paid providing great images for commercial use for web and media print so my clients will not notice the difference therefore for me to change is my own lust for new Fuji tech and since only owning the Xe1 for a year my cash will stay in my bank for a while paying bills not Fuji tech. However wow. Read the reviews if you don’t own a Fuji X-E1 and your thinking of switching from DSLR world this Fuji X-E2 simply must be put on your look list. I can tell you from the X-E1 that this camera body and the stunning 35mm F/1.4 produces fabulous quality images and I can’t imaging the X -E2 be in any way a less capable tool. Reading the early reviews myself the new X100s style sensors and contrast focus system will be stunning. I don’t like the idea of a change to the button layout I already find it frustrating swapping between my X100 and X-E1 so I would personally not welcome that change, However there is still no improvements to manual focus speed either, personally this for me is key as I like to shoot manual focus where possible. Other than that hey the Fuji X-E2 I am sure will be awesome.


4 thoughts on “It’s my birthday on Fuji X-E2 day……thoughts.

  1. Happy Birthday, Simon. I understand your position on upgrading to the X-E2. My situation is different, so I welcome your thoughts, or those of others who comment here, about it. I have the X-E1 with the 18-55 and 35mm lenses. I use it for the majority of my amateur photography, which is mostly landscape and wildlife. I also have a Canon 60D with 11-16 and 18-270mm lenses. I take the Canon along when I’m doing landscape work so I can be ready for unexpected wildlife shots with the long zoom. I’m considering selling my Canon kit and buying an X-E2 plus the Fuji 55-200mm or 50-230mm lens and the 10-24mm when available. That would give me the flexibility and focal length coverage I want with two cameras which are essentially the same to use and much preferable to me in terms of IQ, size, weight, portability, etc.

    My question is this; Is there any reason to stay with the Canon kit instead of going the route I described above? Thanks in advance for any perspectives you can offer.

    1. Hi John and thank you for the birthday wishes and taking the time to comment on my blog. You have a tough question, for my thoughts I would rest with two key elements, Image quality, hands down if you have been using both do you favor one over the other, for me the reason I moved to fuji was the image quality and “look” I can get out of the image was clearly a winner. Just look at the post processed results from the Canon and Fuji and see the look you prefer, the next is easy, your carrying quite a lot of gear to meet your needs and genre preferences therefore the Fuji over Canon seems a sensible move just for the weight saving. If i were you I would check out if the Fuji X-E2 is “fast” enough for your unexpected wildlife needs. Yep if money no object in my world I would have a second Fuji body and it would be an XE2. Good luck John, hope you choose and be happy….

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      1. Thanks, Simon. I guess I’ll have to wait for some test reports on the X-E2’s speed. I’m also interested in Fuji’s upcoming XC50-230mm lens. If the IQ is close to that of the 55-200mm I’d appreciate the extra 30mm for wildlife shots and I would be OK with a slower lens for that purpose. This could be a great Christmas season πŸ˜‰

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