Fuji X-E1 foodie.

I don’t normally post about my commercial work but since this was done using my Fuji X-E1 and 35mm Fujinon lens I felt it was worth a post. I have been working for a new boutique hotel that has opened in our little City of Ely. This work is now being put to good use as you can see below so I can post how I took the shots so that others may see how this was done.

20131013-182233.jpg To read and learn a little about how these shots were taken continue reading.
Arranging with the client a suitable time to visit the hotel to take the images required me to work a little out of hours. The service ended at 10:30pm the head chef Leah had arranged several menu items to be made at the end of service so I needed to set up on a mock table and shoot each course as it left the kitchen. I would have much preferred to shoot food in natural daylight however
we don’t always get to work with the options we prefer. It was now approaching 11pm I had set up my two Nikon Speed-lights Both in soft boxes, both set to manual and without gel. Since I was going to use only the light from the speed lights I had no need to gel for balance and I could warm the images in post if need.

There was a desire from the client and Leah for the images to have a dreamy and sexy look. This meant shallow depth of field. My favoured option is the Fuji Fujinon 35mm f/1.4. I can accurately control several depths of field to present to the client. Shooting live and wirelessly tethered to my ipad it was easy to agree and obtain the desired depth of field for each of the shots and each of the menu courses. The speed lights were triggered with my relatively reliable CTR-301 triggers. Both on stands, I wished I had a boom stand unfortunately I don’t but was able to improvise by extending one stand folding the legs and suspending it over the table by counterbalance using my kit bag as a counterweight, looked ugly but it worked well. This provided the main fill light and I used the other speedy to provide key light as I needed. Often I set up the Fuji on the tripod and held the key light to find the best and most suitable highlights.


I also used the manual wire trigger to operate the shutter release button to prevent possible stray vibrations, food images need to be tack super sharp and the Fuji X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 absolutely excels in sharpness across is aperture range. In fact way sharper than any of my Nikon bodies or lenses ever owned.
I was clearing away by 1am after calling it a wrap :-). Job well done and its great to see the client using my images in advertising and making the most of not quite the ideal situations but who would know unless I had revealed the setups. I have not bored you with the camera and speed-light setting details as this is not really a technical blog but if you wish know more then please let me know and I would be glad to help you.



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    1. Hi Jerry and thank you for taking the time to comment. I use an EyeFi mobi card. It take a bit of setting up but once complete works wirelessly without the need for a wireless network. The EyeFi card generates its own wifi network so you can tether wireless in the middle of a field if needed. Hope this helps. Simon.

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