Fuji X-E1 joined me on walk about.

I have been grabbing the X100 and taking it everywhere for some time over the summer and its been great. So I felt as I am traveling off in the camper again next weekend I thought I should give the Fuji X-E1 a little airing. The controls and buttons have a different layout and I find it a little annoying swapping one to the other but after a few hours I soon get back into to it. However just how good this Fujinon 35mm f/14 and X-E1 is staggering …..WOW….

I wanted to get back into the “feel” of my favourite combination. I decided to stretch both ends of the lens narrow and shallow. The bokeh this Lens body combination produces it so wonderful and a Joy to play with. Using the fluid soft click of the aperture ring to fine tune the depth of field is most enjoyable. The results are wonderful. I had to crop a few of these images to help show the details and crisp sharpness even wide open.



In the hands using the Fuji X-E1 and 35mm for me is a more photographic experience. I engage far more in the moment. I take more care before squeezing the shutter release and hearing the shutter control the light momentarily to the sensor creating the image. I love the detail with the narrow apertures too, street and landscape provide good opportunities to work at this end if the lens range.





Off to the cost this weekend and up to the gorgeous Derbyshire Dales for a week next weekend. I am determined to take the opportunity to re visit long exposure, take my 10 stop filter, spare batteries, trigger cable and of course my trusty old Silk tripod and the little gorilla pod too. I would like to work on shots at the beach and rivers in Derbyshire when out walking weather permitting. I’m going hopefully get some long exposure results I would be happy with. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚
Oh and if you have not used a Fuji X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 lens.
Beg to borrow one, rent one , steel one or just buy one and be gobsmacked with how in its use will change you and your photographic enjoyment.

5 thoughts on “Fuji X-E1 joined me on walk about.

  1. Great post (great images)! Originally I got the 18-55mm ‘kit’ lens (which is anything but a bog standard ‘kit’ lens – it i *really* good) with my X-E1 but a few months later when I saw a deal for the X-Pro1 with the 35mm and a free 18mm lens I couldn’t resist but get it. My plan was to sell the lenses which means I’d have paid less than half the normal price for the camera (I love optical viewfinders!).

    Well that idea was shot down. I fell in love with the 35mm just like you have – the quality is truly amazing. The 18mm is really light and well built but nothing compares to that 35mm. Looking at pictures made with my old camera and lenses (Nikon D7000, a few Sigma’s and a Nikon 50mm) I can really see the difference in clarity and colours – a combination of great optics and a brilliant sensor.

    So, in a few more months I may be able to feed the family; until then I’m going to have to stick to taking photographs of food instead!

  2. Great series Simon. I concur as well, the IQ of the 35mm coupled with the XE1 is a glorious experience and one I cherish on a daily basis. Also its worth mentioning its an integral part of a proper Fujinon kit as I started with the 18-55 but soon got the 35mm as I need to have wider depth of field shots in order to create better stories according to my own vision. Cheers!

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