New Duplex filter.

I’m not a big user of software filters, however I now have upgraded from Aperture 2 to 3 (yeah I know where I have been) I am very comfortable with the Aperture editing suit and upgrading is going to take some getting used to. However along the way I have also picked up the additional plug in from Nik.

One of the new applications has a number of build in soft filters. Some are wonderful the one I have used here is one of my favourites. Duplex take a look at a few more conversions. I’m very much into the retro type media and look at the moment and in fashion in particular is trending at the moment.





19 thoughts on “New Duplex filter.

  1. I too like it very much. Don’t let other tastes distract you from pursuing paths that interest you. At the same time, one must appreciate their candor. Thank you for sharing these. It’s giving me some new thoughts.

  2. It’s not what the others like or don’t it’s what you like, because this is your work, your art, and you should be in total control of it, I personally like it, but again , it doesn t matter if I do.

    1. Hi David sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I have been a little busy and have got a little behind on my social media updates.
      The duplex filters are old versions are available on eBay. Only joking these filters I have been using are software applied filters using Apple’s photo editing software called Aperture and Nik Software (now own by Google) “plug in”. A plugin is a software pack that you purchase that works inside Aperture. I believe the same can be found for other photo editing software packages such as Lightroom, phaseone and of course Photoshop. Hope that helps.

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