Bobster’s post. Roughed up Fuji x100

Bobster one of my blog readers requested to see the Roughed up version of my Fuji X100 as I mentioned it in a previous post. So I have posted this in response to Bobsters request and thought it would be good to explain.

A while back I have read of a few X100 and X100s owners both professional and armatures alike getting creative with making their shiny new Fuji’s look old. This is for two reasons. It helpful to have an old looking camera when shooting street, particularly people. It gives the impression its not digital and for whatever reason people seem more comfortable and less concerned if they spot a vintage camera being pointed at them. On the times I have been spotted I more than often just get a smile.

The other reason
The other reason is more of a practical reason, its common these days to see tourists with DSLR’s dangling around their necks. This is potentially very attractive to a thief. Having a shiny Fuji around your neck is also just as attractive. How many times also have you stopped for a coffee or sat in a cafe taken your Fuji from around your neck and viewed the days shots, then innocently just pop it on the table beside you, if your sitting in the street this can be a great way to loose your pride and joy to the opportunist thief passing by. Apparently this is one of the top ten ways to be parted with your camera and other valuable items such as cell phones and tablets. So in an attempt to deter this activity there is a growing trend to carefully modify your camera or in my case my Fuji X100 to be less appealing. I have used a non permanent black marker and gaffer tape. It’s all removable.

I think it works. Virtually nobody takes notice of my camera when it is around my neck and it attracts very little attention sitting on a table. I quite like the look too.



11 thoughts on “Bobster’s post. Roughed up Fuji x100

  1. Very interesting look you have created there. I actually thought the top of your camera was black to begin with, like the special edition black x100. People with $8000 Leicas have done the same thing, but they have actually taken off the paint on the top plate to reveal the brass. Not sure i would do that to an $8000 camera! I like the it, it really does look like an old rangefinder 😉

  2. I love the look of that. This sort of makes me wish my X-E1 and X-Pro1 were silver and black instead of all black. I suppose I could use some silver duct tape and a silver marker pen to try and get a similar effect but what would I do with my wonderful lenses?!

  3. Superb!….. Thanks for posting my request Simon! I love the look of your X-100, it definitely looks like a battered old camera, and good that you can bring its look back if you need to.
    I was shooting at this months London fashion week when a lady I’d just photographed pointed at my X-100 and said ‘I love old vintage cameras!’ I had to tell her it was a fuji in the end….. Very funny though!

    I have the gaffer tape at the ready to do mine!

    Great blog, thanks again.


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