Holiday with the X100

Working my way through my holiday images it has become apparent that taking the X100 over my X-E1 was a great choice. Night shots.


The X100 is infinitely more user friendly at night than my X-E1 why?

There are two main upgrades I would like to see on the Fuji X-E1 that already exist in the Fuji X100
Min shutter speed and ND filter, not having a min shutter speed setting on the X-E1 is infuriating at times, when I want to set the camera to do some of the work and especially in low light. I can completely miss and loose a lot of shots due to blur because the shutter speed is too long. The X-E1 will try and be clever and shoot with a low shutter speed before pushing the ISO to the max. This is not good when you need to shoot street in low light or indoors. I really hope Fuji can provide an update and have the X-E1 setting a min shutter speed just like the X100. The ND filter would be fantastic so that I can shoot wider in bright conditions when using my 35mm f/1.4. I don’t know if the Fuji ND wizardry in the X100 is a software ND filter or a mechanical ND filter, I guess if its the later then I will never see this option on the X-E1. sadness


As you have probably worked out I am currently really into my street personal work. This means I need the camera to set up quickly, having the X100 cope with fading light at dusk improves my keep rate. Using the X-E1 in these conditions is possible however I would need more time, setting the camera selecting the ISO manually to compensate for the minimum hand holdable shutter speed. For my that’s about 1/60th. Having the X100 set to force min shutter speed means it will happily select the most suitable high ISO therefor leaving me to concentrate on my surroundings and composition. I would have probably missed or produced blurred images if I have taken this next series of shots with the X-E1. Is a shame as I prefer the X-E1 IQ s detail. I guess again this highlights another benefit of the new X100s, (damn I building a case to buy one….. Don’t tell the wife)










The shot above was a lucky one of this chef on a break. The window was on the side wall directly on the path but approx 10-12ft so I just popped the Fuji X100 up into the window and fired off a few shots completely blind, turned out well eh.



The other important advantage since the Fuji X100 is a user friendly low light shooter over the Fuji X-E1 is when you need to shoot indoors. I am staggered by the quality of the next set of images I took during a Circus show in a show theatre in the theme park. In these situations you really don’t want to be shooting and firing off a highly annoying and completely useless flash. Press an hold one button on the X100 and you are straight into “stealth” mode. Shooting now was simple and unobtrusive. All of the following images are again hand held, check out these fantastic acrobats and performers. Even the mid flight shots are reasonable and the slight blur helps to show the drama too. Wonderful, at the time I was thinking gosh I would have never been able to get these shots with my Nikon D300 setup, someone would have frowned and told me “no photography” ha what a stealthy little number this X100 is.






Ok so they are not brilliant but certainly very pleasurable to view in your holiday snap photo book and for me seeing them now two weeks on they certainly capture the moment and drama.

Last up is a again low light work with the X100 but this time taking the low exposure out a little further and into setting the X100 to bulb mode. Ok now I need to fix the ISO somewhere low (200) and narrow the aperture (f/16 or f/11) but the ease and speed I can change to this mode is impressive. I can now rest the little X100 body on a wall or post that is near a scene keep one finger pressing hard down on the top to ensure limited movement and press the shutter open and play with the open time to create the desired exposure. Ideally I would use a tripod but hey come on I’m on holiday.
The X-E1 is a little more challenging to do this mainly due to the lens choices and how they can over balance the body potentially leading to blurring or a lot worse dipping forward and falling from its chosen platform, (shudder as the X-E1 hits the ground face down on my 18-55 or 35mm).
The following images are the result of literally 10mins spent taking to bulb shots from thin 4×4 flat top post on an overhead walkway.




All this translates to making the right choice of camera (Fuji) in my bag on this trip. The more I work with the Fuji X-system the more I start to define my ultimate small over shoulder travel bag of the future. It’s going to be an X-Pro 2 and x100s. On no ….definitely don’t tell the wife and I had better get off my bottom and find some more Pro work to pay for them πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Holiday with the X100

  1. Fantastic shots! I’m really impressed with the x100, (I wish I had one) I’m really curious how much the firmware update with improve the quirks I’ve read about. I know what you mean about don’t tell the wife. I was in the dog house for days after I told her about my X-E1. It did help that I traded in my nex-5n kit and took advantage of the lens bundles πŸ™‚ but she still wasn’t happy. If the x100s was available I probably wouldn’t have bought the xe1. I can’t wait until they fix the min shutter speed issue. I read somewhere that Fuji has heard our cries and is working on a fix.

  2. I like your photos:) I just wanted to comment on a few things. In regards to the part about X100 being a better choice over the X-E1 when using bulb mode, i do understand that some of the XF lenses may make it a little front heavy. But then again, we are talking about slightly two different camera “systems”. As you may know, the 27mm is a pancake lens and i am sure that Fuji will come out with more pancakes; thus, making the X-E1 more balanced as the X100 is.
    In regards to your bit about indoor shooting and “stealth” mode, the X-E1 has the same feature. Concerning Minimum shutter speed, you can set the shutter speed with the dial (S mode), Set Auto ISO to something like 6400 and away you go.
    I don’t think another Fuji is in my future. I am going to just wait until the two i have die. Happy shooting πŸ™‚

    1. Hi. Thank you for your comments. I completely agree with your comment and thoughts about the X-E1 your are quite correct. I think I may have written and miss aligned my point. I was trying to explain why I chose to take the X100 as my holiday go to camera rather than the X-E1. I wanted to show and explain for me the X100 is a better All-round camera for that type of work. I can indeed use the X-E1 for the long exposure shots as its just as if not more capable camera and more so in terms of IQ. some good points made.


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    1. Hi thanks for your comment. Yes you are correct the X-E1 does have that feature. It was more that I was writing saying the X100 makes the better all round camera to take on this occasion. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy both cameras.

      Sent from my iPad

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