Almost …. But not to be.

I was hoping to bring you a blog from this weekend, we have planned and booked another trip to London. Taking in the City ND as a treat we had booked to climb the O2. Yep that’s right you can walk over the top of the O2 tent, however very disappointingly the Great British weather let us down with a thunderstorm set over from our friends in France. The storm brought with it thunder and lightening thus cancelling the event for us and many more looking forward to climbing an icon.
Oh well we have a refund and we will try again to go another time. All was not lost as I have another batch of street shots of London but this time black and white. I will publish more when I have completed the post processing.

And the Dark side of the Shard



4 thoughts on “Almost …. But not to be.

    1. Thanks Mat, London is a super place to photograph I thought your work was excellent, well travelled I see. I wish I could do the same. This camera has changed the way I think about photography and I just want to shoot more and more with the Fuji’s. Traveling and shooting is a dream. Damn day job πŸ˜‰

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