Fuji X-E1 firmware update…. Review

Downloaded the new long awaited update that improves focus speed, ads focus peaking and magnified EVF.
I am quite familiar with the method required to download install and update firmware for Fujifilm camera’s and Fujinon Lens. There is a detail instruction how to update the system so I don’t need to repeat.

So what are my findings

I was not really sure what to expect, I can’t say that is was in need of the update but its a welcome upgrade and Fuji does a fantastic job of improving firmware and system performance.
First up I used to camera to try to judge the overall focus speed improvements. I don’t really notice any improvement, I almost feel it slightly slower, the 35mm seems to fully run min to max every time it tries to focus. I compared to the X100. It’s lower by a long way.
Next up I turned on focus peaking. This is interesting. You now get little white and dark lines around the edges of the subject. You can set to high or low to increase or decrease the effect. I’m not sure how this works but the software changes the display when the focus button is not depressed the view seems over sharpened and over exposed, its odd, however this returns to the more familiar view when you depress the focus shutter release. I find it odd I will use it for a while but I may never use it. The last is the x3 and x10 magnification when the function selector is depressed. I don’t see any difference I have this function before the update on the X-E1 perhaps its and update for the Xpro1. However I like it and was already using and benefiting from its use.

So for me I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. I may yet come to eat my words and I will find something I have missed in every day use but for now, nice update and I am great full for new improvements, I was happy before and I am still happy with the main reason for owning the Fuji in the first place. The IQ is wonderfully detailed and suits my style before and after. I still post process with less adjustment and in less time than any other camera I have used to get super results that meet my style and requirements, its brilliant. I just need to shoot more and more often.
Next trip out in the camper with the Fuji cannot come sooner.
Let me know if you have an X-E1 or X-Pro1 on what you think about the latest updates.

7 thoughts on “Fuji X-E1 firmware update…. Review

  1. I recently updated my X-E1 also and from my experience the auto focus is low light in much improved. Doing a simple test of my poorly lit desk before the firmware I struggled to get a focus lock, now with the update I get a focus lock almost every time. I am using the 35mm. I’m still not sure how I feel about the focus peaking. I used to have a Sony NEX-5n and used manual lens with focus peaking all the time. I can’t see myself using it all too often, I still need to test it more. Only having the option of white is limiting. I rarely used white on the NEX and often switched the camera to B&W and used the red focus peaking color to nail focus easily.

    1. Hi thanks for sharing. I will give it a try in low light and see if I can tell some improvement. So that two of us unsure about this focus peaking thingy. I agree more testing. Shoot more that’s what I need. Thanks again Simon.

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  2. Hi Gary. I don’t shoot RAW as a rule so not had much experience, however I use Aperture 3 as they now support it and I understand it is very good. According to the pixel peepers information. Take an SD card with you to look at the Fuji. Take some shots both RAW and jpeg and call into an Apple Store if you have one near. They are only too happy to help you use aperture and see the conversions for yourself. I have also just started to use Phase One, its complex and unfamiliar to me so I can’t comment yet other than to say they also have a reasonable conversion. I will be sticking with jpeg and the inca,era conversion for me is the result I like to work with for my taste. RAW messes with my post too much. The files are huge and I have recently bought a wifi SD card so I can now tether direct to my iPad. The jpeg size takes a while to transfer the RAW takes ages.
    Hope this is of some help.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes I did both upgrades. It is a little better in low light for focus lock but I don’t notice any real speed difference. However I’m more than happy

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