John Constable country with the Fuji X-E1 and the 35mm ..what!!

John Constable is one of the worlds most well known painters, born in 1776 and past away in 1837 at the age of 61. He is most well known for one of the most well known paintings and probably as well know in the world second only to the Mona Lisa is the Hay Wain. I have the great pleasure of not living far from where this image was painted. Flatford Mill near Dedham on the Essex boarder. Needed a break in the camper (needs a name) we headed for Dedham on Friday evening last. It’s was a scorcher, th e UK is having some wonderful and much needed sunny weather as if late and we decided to enjoy the countryside. For me as always it was about deciding the choice of lens. Landscape traditionally for the wide I decided to leave the 23mm X100 and the 18-55mm at home. I’m growing very fond of the Fuji X-E1 and the 35mm I chose TI stick with it buck the trend and shoot some landscape. Yeah I know its wrong but hey might work
Dedham Vale is nationally protected as “an area of outstanding beauty” and I can confirm it truly is. Arriving mid evening we parked up and settled in for the night, cooking up a spending Thai Salmon dish, (a favourite on mine) oh and of course a bottle of wine we then took a stroll thought the beautiful village of Dedham. The evening sun was warm and providing good light for photography.


The properties in this little village are really quite stunning. Take a look and more of the Dedham Vale and Flatford Mill.

Very majestic and not to mention valuable properties in abundance here are a couple I caught.



Waking early next morning we took a look at the route maps and decided on a 2 hr circular walk along the river taking in the Mill and Locks and returning across the open fields back into Dedham.


By 11am the numbers of visitors was growing. Particularly popular was the boat hire from the local pub and Resteraunt aptly named the “Boat house”.



Following the river we past 50 or so rowers with interesting levels of ability in travelling on the water. Most entertaining. Moving along the Stour banks we were soon met with a bridge over the river into Flatford.


Taking in the surrounding and doing the full tourist bit and viewing the very spot where John Constable himself would have been sat to actually paint the Hay Wain was a pleasant expire nice. It’s a beautiful Mill. At this point your will be expecting a shot of that very place but I refrained from taking one. Why well because this image is immortalised and magnificent what possible point would there be to me taking a shot, no cart and water levels 3ft higher instead I turned directly round 180deg and made a photographic image of what was behind John Constable as he painted.


John would have sat just in front of the Mill and slightly to the right as the mill waters edge, he would have been looking out to the image bottom left where the Cart would have been crossing the ford. Quite something eh!
Heading back over the bridge to continue to follow the river I was able to take some shots of the rear of the Mill and mill buildings.



The last images of the river before the direction change across the fields we watched the environmentally friendly electric pleasure boat returning rowboats for its queue of next customers.
Great to see technology working to preserve beautiful environments.

<img src=""


We headed back to Dedham for the evening oh and another bottle of wine. Deciding on a route back to Ely in the morning. I was as always these days happy with Fuji-XE1 and the 35mm. Ok it’s not the norm but I enjoyed manual focus and having to take care on the composition due the the relatively narrow field. It’s was challenging but I think the results worked well and I really like the images. I’m sure some land scape photographer purists would have something to say and I would not really take serous fine art shots this way. I am looking forward the wide zoom from Fuji later this year and to the new firm where updates to the focusing that are due the end of this month.
Looking forward even more to the next trip out in the camper.

12 thoughts on “John Constable country with the Fuji X-E1 and the 35mm ..what!!

  1. Simon, sorry for the opinion, but for me your blog is looking better with white and grey background. The black one is better for the photo web-site. With that appearance your blog easer to read and watch the pictures. Pictures are awesome as usual.

    1. Hi, no apology needed at all, all feedback is good for me to improve all aspects of my blog, I thank you. I have both options for this new theme from WordPress, I too have been wondering is best white with black text or black with white text. I think I will now stick with the White background and the black text. I am very please you like my images, and now they are much larger too so again thank you for taking the time to make make a comment. Best regards Simon Simon Peckham Blog http://www.simonpeckham/

      1. I’ve followed again through your post and for me 35 mm for that kind of pictures is great. For me most of these pictures are not really landscape it is like a combination of landscape and architecture. And 35 mm is good with that. Thank you for sharing.

      2. Hi. I agree. I was a little worried at first… but the images seem to work well. I think sometime classical landscape shot provide the viewer with the sense of beauty they are supposed to but from a distance. Taking these shots I feel the beauty has still managed to be portrayed but in a more intimate expression when I view them. I have to say looking through the image I took for the whole day I am surprised by how much I like taking labs apes with the 35mm. I will retain my take these Jo d of shots again.

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