Eiffel BW

I wanted to do some more black and white conversions of the Eiffel Tower, this first visit was so enjoyable its worth posting more images. I have also as you can see changed my blog layout, This cool new theme that shows larger images is handsome. Maybe you will enjoy my black and white versions of the Eiffel as much as I do. My interested in black and white is growing at the moment, having recently read and just learnt a cool idea from another X100 and Xpro1 user I thought I would pass on the tip. his main camera is the XP1 but he uses the X100 for wider shots, keeps it set to Black and White setting but has selected RAW + Jpeg, this way he get a colour version too if he needs. Very cool idea, RAW in not kind to my 8 year old Mac Pro G5 and it struggles in post process and I only have Aperture 2.1 that does not support RAW Fuji files and I am not really big fan of RAW but since I am due treat myself to an upgrade soon, hopefully to the latest 27″iMac, therefore I may well adopt this approach. It means taking two cameras around with me but hey might give it a try. Image

more after the link




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