But…The Fuji X100 can do what the Fuji X-E1 can’t.

Having knocked the Fuji X100 in the recent comparison resulting in what camera I would take to the city for street shooting the X100 fell into second place. Feeling sorry for it I decided to do something about it. So initially you might start to think well ‘why do I need this camera’. So I set myself another little challenge that would show and demonstrate its continued value in my kit. So here is the challenge.

Set up a drinks bottle shoot into the sun and sync a flash at higher sync speed than any other high end camera I could afford. Oh and all under 30mins start to finished post processed shot. This is the chosen finished shot. Ok not perfect but you get the idea its the leaf shutter and its so cool.

Ok so it’s not a brilliant shot, it could have done with a second speed light to fill in some of the shadows and extra water and a defects clean up, but hey not bad for the time I set myself. So what’s so special that makes me keep the Fuji X100.

The point here is that I can shoot into the sun setting a shutter speed of 1/800 (could have been higher if my Nikon SB25 was faster and more powerful). It allows amazing flexibility over any other camera I have owned or could afford. It means I can create images like this one. Try shooting it yourself, here is the setup. I don’t often do this sort of set up info but thought I would share this one. Don’t forget the image above and below we’re shot at the same time. I did not wait for the sun to lower into the evening the shutter speed and shooting at F11 is the point here.

20130708-205034.jpgYou can see this is not complex set up and I was set up and ready to shoot in 15mins imagine how flexible this could be on a fashion or portrait portfolio shoot, of course I would replace my speed lights with a pair of Alienbees and diffusers and some more reliable pocket wizards but hey replace the bottle with a model and the table with a polycarbonate deck and now you can work with out having to wait for the daylight to dip to a level that none leaf shutter cameras can cope with. Hey that’s a good few hours EXTRA shooting time. (SadIy I don’t have any of that kit I mentioned but hey how good could it be)
Sorry I digress.
I wanted to show why the X100 stays with me. I can create images with this camera that I cannot replicate with my Fuji X-E1. so its got to stay in my kit line up. Ok… so yes I would like the X100s and get the best of both ..but think about it….not quite, I have still the flexibility to attach lenses of my choice to the X-E1, Canon,Nikon,Voitlander, Sumicron, Leica the list goes on can all be bolted to the front of this body.
So with the Fuji X-E1 and the Fuji X100 I can cover loads of options in my shooting style and requirements.
Just for fun I have a have included a couple of out takes to show speed light from camera left shot and one shot with speed light from the bottom angled up through the glass to catch the label and top of the cap leaving out the cropping to show the flash spilling.
Not bad for 30mins work. If I shot this again I would have a second light for fill and some liquid spray if I had more time just to finalise the dark areas and add some more thirst quenching drama.


20130708-213017.jpg NOTE. I have just noticed that I shot these at Ff/11 and my set up shot says f16. Sorry .

2 thoughts on “But…The Fuji X100 can do what the Fuji X-E1 can’t.

  1. Nice blog, thanks. I am in the same boat but in a different order. Therefore x100 vs xe1 makes an intiguing read.

    I got an Xe1 and was a bit struggling with the 35mm (I used 35mm equivalent lenses for decades) and the X sensor. So I went after a used x100 under warranty.

    Duel to the cruelty of the photo gods, I of course simultaneously acquired the x100 and came to terms with the xe1, leaving me with the nagging feeling that I should put the x100 for sale immediately.

    Like you I like the x100 shutter speed treshold, and size. But the Xe1 files have a certain bite and the 35mm 1.4 has a depth that is attractive indeed. The size advantage of the x100 is not as big as I expected.

    I read somewhere “x100 for people, x sensor camera’s for the rest’. I suppose i will try that out and then we will see.

    1. Ha. Dilemma. I can’t help thinking X100s would be a fine compromise but I would miss the 35mm f/1.4. I also have eyes in the wide zoom at the end of the year. The main thing it’s that both are a joy to use and I shoot more for having them.

      Good luck.

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