London too …X100 this time. Paris X-E1 comparison.

As luck would have last weekend we headed down to London. Wow listen to me Paris last the previous weekend then London, what a jet setter. (Not). We had tickets to see Rob Williams at Wembley Stadium so we decided to spend a few hrs in the capital, but this time I took the Fuji X100. This was a great opportunity to check out the new Shard skyscraper and a few other London sites. Comparing London with the Fuji X100 against Paris and the Fuji X-E1 and the 35mm.


It’s not easy to compare either the of the two great cities or the X-E1 and the X100. I can some it up and just share the images at let you see for your self the differences. First lets take the Fuji’s, I like using both if these cameras and I thought I loved the X100 but compare images quality, colours,sharpness and pleasure to use I can now say that the X-E1 is now my new go anywhere. It just more involving to use and the results in image quality from this sensor ( don’t forget the x100 has a different sensor) is just fabulous. The X100 although still fantastic falls into second place. I am now well jealous of those of you that have the Fuji X100s.

Don’t get me wrong the X100 still give a stellar performance and but the iq of the X-E1 wins for my taste.

As for ten cities I thought I loved London, however being amazingly fortunate enough to see Paris one weekend and London the following allowed me to really compare from a purely photographic point of view what each city has to offer. I can say that for me Paris wins. The architecture and visual journey through the history and growth of the city is just mind blowing. The monuments and spender of some of its buildings is really stunning, ok so I could argue I have photographed London 10 times over so Paris being a new experience stands out. However I think is more than that, there is something about Paris that makes me want to return and visit again and absorb more into my lens than London. I want to not only see the main attractions and photograph them,I want to get into the side streets and see what I find. I bet it would be magical. Ok both cities with have its not so cool and cultured areas but I bet that’s in every large city in the world. Hey I know maybe I should be sent off by Fuji to test the X-Pro 2, in a number of other great cities of the world and find out if the next generation Fujifilm masterpiece is any good ……. Oh oops I nodded …off wake up.
I leave you to judge for your selves, and if your trying to decide on an upgrade and your a FujiX100 user many this will help.












6 thoughts on “London too …X100 this time. Paris X-E1 comparison.

    1. I think they both have there place by I agree in this instance the X-E1’s IQ and handling makes it the most pleasant to work with and get the results I like. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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